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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Signs Your Hair Is Damaged

Raise your hand if you have damaged hair 

It's okay, I feel your pain. Damaged hair is embarrassing. But how do you know if your hair is damaged? Here are 5 signs you should look out for to know the damage has been done.

1) Check your pillow

         -If your pillow has small pieces of hair on it , chances are your hair is either damaged or it's getting there. If the pieces are long, your hair is just falling out but damaged hair is fragile hair and breaks apart and onto your pillow. Try getting a silk pillow cover instead of cotton so your pillow is gentler on your hair.

2) Your hair stretches

        -That's right stretches and rips. Take a piece of hair and pull it apart.  If your hair snaps after stretching a little it needs more moisture. If it stretches more than usual and then breaks it needs more protein. This is cause from pulling your hair and putting a lot of tension of it such as putting it in tight ponytails or being too rough on it when you flat iron your hair. Give your hair a break and try a deep treatment for your hair.

3) Running your fingers through your hair is a problem
        - Rough texture screams damaged hair. Smooth and soft hair is full of moisture so it's easy to run your fingers through your hair. But if your hair rough and brittle, you should be the one running and grabbing every hair treatment. Apply olive oil to your hair to add more shine and moisture. A healthy and balanced diet is also essential for your hair.

4) Brushing it is a workout

         - Healthy and strong hair is easy to detangle but damaged hair has two ingredients: tangles and knots. Using cheap, plastic brushes rather than those with nylon bristles will tear at your head and leave your hair in a tangled mess.

5) Split ends everywhere
     -Okay, maybe not everywhere, but they're there. Split ends are the worst and are the number one sign of damaged hair. (They're what make the hair damaged-duh). Split ends occur for a number of reasons; frying whether it's a flat iron or blow dryer, too much exposure to the sun, not enough protein and being to rough on it. Protect the ends of your hair with a bun or trim off your splits. If you're growing out your hair, you don't have to do a fully chop, just at least one inch. Also, focus on conditioning or deep hair masks on your ends. If you don't cut the breakage, or try to repair them, they will worsen.

Another red alert for damaged hair is it lost its texture. If you no longer have those gorgeous curls or it's just a bunch of kinks in all direction, I hate to break it to you but you're hair is damaged. If you don't believe me maybe Ariana Grande can convince you. Remember when Ariana said her hair is so damaged it's not curly anymore? Then when she did a couple of hair treatments, stopped styling and poof! They came back! It's all subtle hints your hair is trying to give you before you completely fry your hair. 

It's important to give your hair a breaking once in a while and ease off on the heat and tension.

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