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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Do an Ariana Grande Ponytail

Lots of us love Ariana Grande as Cat on Victorious. You might think "Wow, I love her ponytail!" It's sleek, shiny and practically perfect! If you want that ponytail, check out these steps!

   1. Wash your hair, dry it with a fluffy towel, but let it stay a little damp. You want to let your hair dry while doing the ponytail.

       2. Comb hair making sure you get out all the knots.


       3. Then, you get a small squirt of hair gel,and run it through your hair. Once the gel is covering your hair, pull it back into a ponytail high up on your head (Don't tie it yet- just hold it in your hand).                                 

   4. Now take your comb again and brush your hair, with one hand still holding the ponytail firmly in place. Just brush your hair with the comb, and make sure you pull your hair back altogether.

  5. Finally get a tight hair-tie, and tie your hair in place. Using the bobby pins, pin back any strands of hair that are poking out (It usually pokes out from behind the ears).

 6. Take a one-inch section of your hair and wrap it around the part where the hair-tie is. Secure it with some (bobby) pins and hairspray the part a lot.

  7. Curl the bottom part of your hair to make sure the tip flairs out towards the bottom. Leave the rest straight.

  8. There you go! You've got your "Ari-pony" (The nickname for Ariana Grande's signature ponytail).   


  1. OMG This is so cool, and useful. I'm @memoriesinnight

  2. Cute snd very helpful

  3. so cool @BabeOfBiebs

  4. love this thank you lol for sure going to try this- @mrskidrauhlyo


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