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Friday, October 4, 2013

Motives Cosmetics Review

Today I am going to be reviewing some Motives Cosmetics products. I will be telling you the pros and cons of each product. I will also tell you if they're worth getting. 

  • Motives Cosmetics Lip Gloss ( Soho Pink, Celeb): These colors are so cute! They make your lips  look amazing and it really lasts. I like the Soho pink one the best because it has sparkles. What I liked about the Celeb one is that makes your lips look naturally. I obsessed with these. 

Soho Pink

  • Motives Cosmetics Lip Stick ( Brilliant, unstoppable): These lipsticks are beautiful. They make your lips look amazing and feel softer. It glides smooth on your lips and it doesn't make your lips look dry. I definitely loved these products.


  • Motives Cosmetics Pressed Blush (Runway, Babydoll): I was very impressed with these products. It blended well with my skin and made it feel very soft.  My skin was glowing and it also covered my pores. Although these cost $14, to me they are very much worth it. 

            Runway                                                           Babydoll

  • Motives Cosmetics Baked Mineral Eyeshadow Trio (Confident, Patient): What I loved the most about eyeshadow was that they were long lasting and the silky texture. The colors were great and they have many more on their site. I especially loved how shiny they were and how easily they can be applied. The colors blended in so well that you'll save a lot more money than going to a salon.

         Confident (Right)                                                        Impatient (Left)

  • Motives Cosmetics 10 Years Younger Makeup Spray: I was actually quite surprised with this product, I didn't think it was going to work.  When I used this product I was shocked to see that my makeup didn't smudge and it made my face feel hydrated. It stopped my make up from falling into my pores and fine lines. The spray really kept my makeup all in place.

  • Motives Cosmetics Beauty Weapon: This was another one of my favorite product that I've used from Motives Cosmetics (not that their other ones weren't as amazing). The eye shadow was AMAZING!! It has easy to read pictures to make the perfect smokey, natural or intense eyes so anyone can be a pro. The eye shadows do not smudge and last very long.The other thing that I liked about the kit were the two lip gloss shades that were also included, they matched any shade of or combination of eye shadows that I used.

  •  Motives Cosmetics Boxed Beauty: This kit came with six eye shadows and two blushes. Motives Cosmetics, as you've should've learned by now has the BEST eye shadow in the market. I've used many eye shadows from different name brands and Motives has been by the the best and it's a lot cheaper than all the other ones. The blush blends so perfectly with your skin.The blush will match any complexion for all skin tones. As for the eye shadow, do I have to go on about how easily impressed I was with it?

  • Lastly Motives Cosmetics False Eyelashes: When it comes to false eyelashes, I was never a huge fan of them. Most of the time you can easily tell when someone is wearing false eyelashes and they give you unnatural look. BUT, I was very surprised when I first tried Motives Cosmetics faux eyelashes. They made my eyelashes look long and voluminous. The look was very natural and easy to apply. What also impressed me with their eyelashes were that they were reusable. These false eyelashes can save you a lot of time instead of spending 15 minutes trying to get your mascara to look just right.

Overall I think it's pretty obvious that I have easily fallen in love Motives Cosmetics products. The prices were as amazing as the products themselves and I hope to review more of their products in the near future. 

I will also post up some easy to learn eye tricks so you can experiment with different styles with their eye shadows. Thanks for reading!

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