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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Products That Protect Your Hair During The Winter: True by Made Beautiful

Fall is finally upon us and I am ready to break out my sweaters. Although fall be wonderful, the weather can certainly dry out our hairs. The best thing to do when your hair dries out during the winter is to moisturize it as much as you can (same goes for your lips). It was always a struggle for me to keep my hair nourished especially during the cooler months. That was until I tried True by Made Beautiful's products. 

Before I begin the review I would like to tell you guys a little bit about True. They recently launched in September of 2015. They are currently available at All of their products are  sulfate and parabens free. It's perfect for any hair type including straight 1B/C, wavy 2C, curly 3A/B, curly coily 3C, and coily 4B/C. The main ingredients are shea butter, nourishing and restorative honey, growth stimulating and protectant coconut, and manageability improving and frizz reducing mango.

 The first three products are the Moisturizing Shampoo, Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner. First off all of the products by True smell fantastic! They all smelled like the orange Trident gum. The shampoo did not do much alone, but with the conditioner my hair felt smooth. The shampoo didn't have much of an effect in terms of nourishing but in cleanliness and freshness it was great. The shampoo worked even better when used with the conditioner. The conditioner alone did a fantastic job moisturizing my hair. It instantly became my favorite conditioner. The Leave in Conditioner was just like the conditioner except, obviously, you leave it in. I was little skeptical about it before I tried because I was afraid it weigh down my hair. Boy, did it prove me wring. The leave in conditioner was a lot lighter than I expect and did not weigh down my hair at all. I put it mostly at my ends, cause thats what need the most TLC. 

The next two products I got a little creative with. They are the Intense Treatment Masque and Hydrating Hair Butter. On every product, it has tips you can do with the products, which s very helpful. For the Intense Treatment Masque it said you can leave it on over night, which I did. If you need a moisture hit overnight, I recommend using this treatment mask. It already has honey, shea butter and coconut oil in it so you don't really need to add anything else unless you want too. I layered the hair butter with the leave-in conditioner to help control my frizz, which it did.

The last two products are the Conditioning Styling Cream and Quench Curl Refesher. When I used the cream I didn't put anything else on my hair. I wanted to see how it worked alone, and just it by itself on my hair worked great, especially since my hair is wavy and it helped stretch 'em out a bite with being too strong. This last products was my favorite because when I sprayed t, it was airy and misty. A sprayed a little on my hair as a finishing touch mostly because thats what need the most control and hydration. Just make sure to shake the bottle before spraying because coconut oil tends to separate from the other ingredients. Just a FYI.

After using all of True by Made Beautiful's products, I realized they are a must have for the harsh conditions of the winter. The bitter cold can suck out the oils in your hair so it's nice to show your hair tender, love and care when it needs it the most. True instantly jumped to the top of my list of my favorite name brand. 

***In case you didn't know SallyBeauty is having a sale, buy two True products get one free! Each product is $9.99, so $20 for 3 products is a bargain!!***

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