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Friday, September 18, 2015

Online Shopping Review: Fragrances&CosmeticsCo Damaged Hair Products Mini Haul

This month I went on a hunt for damaged hair care products. My one goal in mind was to try new name brands that I've never heard of or tried before. I ran across a website called that sold high end hair products (they also have makeup, skin and fragrances) for really low prices.  Everything I got totaled out to under $50 + Free shipping! So let me show you guys what I got.

MISE en SCENE Damage Care Shampoo Hair Care

The first thing I got was the Mise en Scene. The price of this shampoo is $9.50 and it's 23 oz. so that is BIG! The color of this shampoo was this rich golden texture. After the first wash, this shampoo instantly became my favorite. My hands floated through my hair. I applied this shampoo mostly to my ends, because that's what needed care the mosts, and I have noticed an improvement in my split ends. My hair felt a lot silkier in the end. Also, the pump was a plus and prevented spillage.

MISE en SCENE Damage Care Rinse Hair Care

Obviously, getting the shampoo wasn't enough so I had to get the conditioner. The texture, smell, and price were all the same but I felt the conditioner was a lot better than the shampoo. With or without the shampoo, the conditioner did a great job making my hair manageable. The shampoo worked a lot better with the conditioner. The pump of the conditioner is different from the shampoo, which came in handy so I don't get the two mixed up. I think what really made both products so great s that Argan Oil played a major ingredient. If you don't know Argan Oil is really good for your hair, especially damaged hair.

Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes Recovery Shampoo Hair Care

The next thing I got was a Tigi Bed Head Shampoo. I've heard some great things about Bed Head so I was really excited to try this out. It costs $18.05. BUT the bottle is HUGE! It's 25.36 oz. The smell was amazing!! I literally wanted to drown my hair in it. After the first try my hair looked and smelled fantastic.There was an obvious shine and lust in my hair. It definitely helped moisturize my hair and hydrate it.  This shampoo was so good, I didn't even buy a Bed Head conditioner or condition afterwards. This is a bargain, if you want shampoo that'll last forever and give you the results you're looking for. The smell is also long lasting, and maintains freshness. 

Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Healthy Growth & Max Hydration Leave-In Biotin Conditioner

 I know the title is so long, but to sum it up it's basically Carol's Daughter Leave-In Biotin Conditioner. The last thing I got is a little pricey but because of the results it was worth it. The price of this was $16.15 and it was only 8 oz. One of the main reasons why I got is because it had Biotin and Biotin is a must, if you want your hair to grow and strengthen. Its scent was flowers and the spray came out as a line, rather than a huge mist. This is a wonderful after shower product, but it took it a couple of tries to see results. Overtime, this product really did what it was supposed to.

Have you guy tried any of these products before? Comment below if you have any questions or concerns.  

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