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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Henna Hair and Tattoo Applicaton

Greetings everyone! I have been planning this post for a while now, but I was having a lot of back pain and couldn't really do much for a while.. I just decided to take a little break until I felt better. Now I am back and with a review for....drum roll please

The color I got was Natural Black and the box included, henna, an application brush, gloves and instructions/tips. The application brush made my job a lot easier and helped me reach my roots, when applying the henna. A definite plus to this was that from just one kit, you get everything you need including great results. It's also really cheap on Amazon. 

I ended up adding the oil in the henna mixture to help nourish my hair. I did not like smell of the henna oil. It was too powerful I felt like it just dried out my hair. I did not like putting it on my hair. I usually put olive oil on my hair because I love the texture of it. The henna oil felt like water. The 5 exotic oils in this was cinnamon oil, almond oil, olive oil, clove oil, and henna extract. The photo at the left shows what the henna looks like before I applied it to my hair. I made sure it wasn't too watery or too thick. I was looking for a nice, consistent paste.

What I loved about this henna is that it actually colored my hair unlike the other henna brands that usually don't leave a mark. It covered all the white hairs (heredity) that I have been getting for awhile. I hate when the henna stains my hands so the gloves came in handy. I love how my hair came out pitch black after I washed it. You can leave it one for 30 minutes, but I left it longer so the color is darker. The only thing I don't like about using henna is it dries out your hair. Not just this brand dries it out, any type of henna does this to my hair. I loved the henna applicator because it made me target my roots easier. It made applying the henna easier and simpler. You get 2 small packs of henna in each package plus the gloves and brush. I would definitely recommend checking out this brand for all your henna products.

Lastly before I go, I did a little henna tattoo with the Reshma Beauty Henna. I made the henna the same paste as the one for the hair and drew on the design I liked. I left it one for the whole day, until it dried and I peeled it off. The longer you leave on the henna the more intense the color is (as the same with the hair).

So what do you guys think?

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