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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PUR Cosmetics Hydra Fluid Serum Foundation

Although winter turned to summer this year that doesn't mean we still didn't suffer with dry skin. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent dry skin and one of them is using a water-based foundations. Water-based foundation is foundation where water is the first ingredient and the second is usually an oil. They usually have a glow because of the water and oil but a finishing powder in the end will help give you a matte look, if you want it. 

PUR Cosmetics Hydra Fluid Serum Foundation  

There were a lot of unique things about this foundation, one of them being is the skinny tip. The tip was definitely a unique pro because it prevented any spillage and using too much foundation. Sometimes tubes can get messy because the foundation is always being pulled down by gravity and unless you seal it really tight, your foundation will spill. However the tip for this was more complex in a way where the foundation won't keep running. The picture to the right shows a closer look. At the tip, there was a rounded end to hold the foundation. 

The most coverage this foundation gives you is a medium coverage. It does not give full coverage but the only reason why I wouldn't say it's a con is because it's hard to find (or make) a foundation that gives full coverage when it's main ingredients are water and oil. I would not recommend people who have oily skin to use this for obvious reasons. The oil on your skin and in this product will be too much for your skin causing your make to run, have too much shine and maybe even break out. It was very light-weight and absorbed into my skin quickly. The water and oil in this product made it simply to blend into skin and be quickly absorbed. You do not have to wear moisturizer with this product because of the many hydrating benefits this foundation has. If you have normal to dry skin, this will work wonders for you. After using the PUR Cosmetics Hydra Fluid Foundation, it became an essential in my everyday morning routine. It helps me save time by not using moisturizer and waiting for it to set. I feel like they should've called this a 2-1 product. A foundation and a moisturizer because the hydration from this was so good. 

From left to right: Deep, Dark, Tan, Medium and Light

With flash
Within the first use I noticed how well it fused into my skin, however, I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I wore all day long to see how well it stayed put. I was afraid if it would smudge easily because of the water and oil so I put on powder after words (as I would with any other foundation) and it lasted all day long and didn't wear off. It comes in 5 shades as you can see from the pictures of the left. I think I mentioned this before but I'll say it again: PUR Cosmetics thinks of everyone. Their products come in shades that will work for everyone including POC. Some companies tend to leave out people of color, or think about a certain type of demographic but I always felt like they only focused making everyone feel beautiful with their products. If you have normal to dry skin I highly recommend you try out this foundation. It's available at Ulta for $39 or at their site for the same price, but definitely worth the little splurge. I have read reviews from other customers and I've heard nothing but good things about it. 

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