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Monday, August 19, 2013

Is The CHI Hair Straightener Worth It?

Is the CHI Hair Straightener worth it?

I've always wanted to buy the CHI Hair Straightener because of all the good reviews it got. So I recycled my old one for 40$ at  and only got mine for 60$ instead of 100, this is probably the only good thing I've got out of it. I did not like the straighter at all, at first I thought it might be my hair type but I let my friends use it and they didn't like it either. I have thick, somewhat dry hair. I tried changing my shampoo and using different types of serum but it did not help. I usually only put a heat protecting spray on it and that's it. 
I used this straightener for 3 months since it was the only one I had at the time. One day when I went and turned it on a funny smell came out of it, at first I didn't think it was from the straightener. When I picked it up to start my hair I realized it was from it, I turned it off and had to blow dry my hair instead. 
I have never seen a straightener do that, I have used several different types and this is the only one to do that. I also did not like it's plates, I felt like they were pressing my hair instead of straightening it. The location of the temperature is also annoying because I kept bumping it and lowering it.  The temperature goes from 180 to 410 degrees. 
And the last thing I noticed about was how the plates got dirty. It looks like they were pealing off or something was burned on them. (Pictures below) I would not recommend this machine and it's definitely not worth the 100$. 

**If you want to shop or trade in your old hair straighter or hair dryer and get $40 for them check out their recycle program!** 


I recently started using my CHI again and was really impressed with the results. It made me wonder why I hated it in the first place. It makes my hair really soft and it lasts longer. But the one thing I still don't like about it, is it really dries out the bottom of my hair after using it more than a few times. I would recommend this machine if you have really thick hair. It really does an amazing job. I don't know why I had a problem with it in the beginning. I guess my hair was not used to its kind of plates. After comparing it with my old flat iron it was remarkable.

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