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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Makeup Tips To Fix Your Flaws

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we can never seem to get rid of our pesky little flaws. Whether it be monstrous zits, little pimples, thin lips or even dark circles they never seem to disappear. So what is it we're doing wrong? Check out these simple makeup tips that can help leave you looking flawless!

Concealer not doing to well? Try using a corrector before applying concealer. The corrector helps brighten your face and give you a smooth and even tone. The yellow pigments from your correctors can help vanish large pores and reduce redness. Also a great way to hid zits and pimples.

Thin lips can ruin a pretty face, but what can you do to help enlarge lips. Grab a colorless lip balm with shimmer, and apply it to the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip. Adding light to that area creates the illusion of larger lips.

Tired eyes are the biggest turn offs and can be the hardest to get rid of. But some small steps can help rewind time on your eyes.  Putting concealer or foundation on your eyelids before adding on eyeshadow can help hold  the eyeshadow firm and prevent it from flaking off and causing dark circles. Shimmering hues of white, pearl, or pale pink deflect the appearance of darkness around eyes.

Rounder cheekbones can perfect a face if you use your makeup the right way. To make round cheeks look more chiseled, you'll need a highlighting powder and a bronzer that's two shades darker than your skin tone. Make a fish face, and dust the bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks. Smile, then brush the highlighter from the apples of your cheeks to your temples.

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