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Friday, June 6, 2014

Parnevu Shampoo Review

So for the past couple of weeks I have been using these PARNEVU products. Here is what they look like.

First, I will start off by reviewing the Parnevu Extra Dry Salon Shampoo:

What I loved about this shampoo was that within the first wash you could feel a difference with your hair. It made my hair feel very soft and fresh. This shampoo is perfect for someone with dry and damaged hair. If you're looking for fast results, I guarantee you will be impressed with this shampoo . I liked that it didn't have a powerful smell. It smelled like flowers which isn't a bad at all. I really felt like it helped my hair.

Now for the Extra Dry Scalp Therapy Leave-In-Conditioner

The leave-in-conditioner was great too. You only need to put a small amount of conditioner in the palm of your hand massage and it onto your hair. This really helped tame my frizzy hair, and I noticed my split ends weren't as bad as they were from before. I also noticed it didn't dry up my hair, and my scalp looked moisturized. If your hair is anything like mine, which means your dry scalp is noticeable, this can help you with your problem (and mine too). When I first used this product, I didn't realize it was a leave in condioner, so I used it as just a conditioner, meaning I washed it out in the shower, but it can used either way. You can decide whether or not to wash it out.

And Lastly, the Oil Replenisher

This product was a lot thicker than I thought it would be. Which means the thicker the product, the less of it you put on your hair. So I put a dime size drop on the palm of my hair and massaged it all over my hair. I was a little disappointed (not completely) with this product because it made my hair feel heavy and look lumpy. My hair looked and felt oily. I suggest, if you have completely dry hair then you should use this product otherwise I would stick with the leave in conditioner. What surprised me about this product was that it prevent heat damage so that was pretty convenient. This product is a combination of many different oils so it can benefit your hair in more than one way. It was a little sticky but once I washed it out of my hair, my hair was shiny and softer. 

Overall, I really liked Parnevu's products. They give fast results, add shine to your hair and they stick to their word. If you are in desperate need of rejuvenating you I would recommend their products. Hope it impresses you all as it did for me.

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