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Friday, May 30, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty: Nail Polish!

Finding a good nail polish to impress you can be pretty tough. I've tried all kinds of nail polish from a bunch of different companies, and they were all pretty good. So recently I got this nail polish by Trust Fund Beauty and they were amazing. This nail polish has recently become my obsession that's how much I love it.

 For the packaging they were wrapped with a small white box with pink designs on them as shown above which I found really cute.

These are the colors that I got and yes one of them is Temperature changing, which was really cool!

(No flash)
(With flash)
What I loved about this nail polish was they were really flashy. They come in bright colors and they dry really fast. Another thing I loved about this nail polish is it didn't clump like most of them do. The texture of the polish is very smooth. The nail polish sparkles without actually having sparkles in them. Its so good that you really don't need to add a second coat. (Unless you want to then you can) I guarantee you will love this nail polish and would want every color it comes in.

These colors were bright and very classy. They weren't neon like either which some people don't like. One of the nail polishes was temperature changing which means the color changes when the temperature gets too hot or too cold.

This is how amazing they looked on my nails. The color I'm wearing below is Bitch, Please!

The nail polish might be a little pricey but it is definitely worth it. They can be purchased on:

For a free bottle of nail polish use code: TFB when purchasing your order! :) 

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