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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Prestige Cosmetics Review + Contour and Highlighting Tips

Nowadays it's hard to find right kind of makeup to help you get that glowing look. But look no further because I found the products that can make your flawless skin dream come true! As I go along with this review I will be giving a few pointers about contouring and highlight because you can use these products to contour and highlight. By the end of this post you'll know how great Prestige Cosmetics are and how to contour and highlight like a pro!

The products I will be reviewing are (from left to right): 

Now the first thing I will be reviewing is the Wet/Dry foundaton.

 What I really liked about this product was that it gave it a natural look. It was so soft that if felt like it was just floating on your skin, it wasn't heavy on your face. It also helped cover up any light flaws I had and blended in well with my skin. Its sponge has has two different side, one if you want to dab the foundation on like powder and the other side to put it on more thoroughly like a creamy foundation. I would recommend using this product when you highlight your cheeks, but applying it closer to your nose and eyes rather than the apple of your cheeks. Also, it had a separate compartment for the sponge which I thought was cute.

The next thing I will be review is the Mineral Bronzing Powder. 

This product was great for giving my skin a natural glow and adding more dimension to my face. I applied this product along my hairline and jawline to add more depth to my cheeks making them stand out more and blending in well with my Wet/Dry foundation. The photo below will show you where I applied the bronzer. 

Also when applying the bronzer you want to sweep it all in one direction to give a professional look instead of randomly smearing it. COntrary to the foundation you want to apply it in circles to evenly blend it.

This is what I like to call the flawless finale, it's the Finishing Mineral Powder. 

When I use this product I like to add just a light touch on my my cheeks and evenly spread it out. It just adds a little sparkle and coverage to your face. Its basically a finishing touch to bring everything together. The picture doesn't do it justice, the product is actually less pigmnted than in the picutre and is very light to your skin.

Contour and highlighting can be a great way to help define you flaws such as sharpening your jaw and slimming down your chin, but don't over do it. The picture below should help as well. As you learned in my blog, it's not at all complicated and can be done very easily with these three products. 

*Also if you're having trouble picking out the right shades or your skin tone, you can very kindly email the company what your skin tone is and what you're looking for and they will quickly email back what they recommend is best for your skin tone*

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