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Monday, July 14, 2014

Jewelry Time!!

I realized lately that I haven't done any jewelry posts and decided it's time to change that. I got this necklace a couple weeks ago & thought I should share it with you guys.
 This is what it looks like:

 What I liked about this necklace was it was small and unique. It also still matched my outfits pretty well. It was also a locket, which you can put a small picture or whatever you wanted in it. It was really just a simple necklace that would catch everyone's eye because of it's special design.

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As I was shopping online, I came across this impressive site that has the cutest accessories that everyone can afford. I thought it was too good to be true! The site I'm talking about is:
Not only do they have jewelry they have accessories for your hair and nails. What I loved about this site is that everything is affordable. Plus as a bonus they have free shipping world wide! If you want to check out this site and get 10% off use the coupon code: TTYT10!

Below are some of the jewelry I loved!



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They also had gorgeous makeup sets and nail polish!

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You'll definitely love these products and are in everyone's budget!

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