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Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Week's Reviews!

Okay guys, so I've been meaning to do a lot of reviews lately. But, as the reviews started piling up I decided instead of doing a million posts on reviews I'm going to do weekly reviews on products I've been trying out. So hear goes my first weekly review.

The first product I will be reviewing is 

Kimble Beauty's Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Shine Serum and Silk Non Metal Hair Elastics

The serum was really good. It left my hair feeling soft and it controlled my fly aways. The serum also left a nice shine to my hair. It obviously didn't show any major changes but overall I really liked it. It felt like a light syrup. On the other hand the hair elastics weren't so good. They broke very easily and they tugged on my hair a lot, which is really bad for your hair and could damage it. Although, I did like that it didn't have a metal piece and it was silk so that's really good qualities to look for in hair elastics.

The next products I will be reviewing are from Ecco Bella. I've been meaning to review these products but I just haven't gotten around it, which is bad because I really liked them. The products are the FlowerColor Face Powder Pale and FlowerColor Cover Up Beige. 

 The Face Powder was very impressive. It was light on my skin, and was smooth on my skin every time. I usually apply this over my foundation and it stays in place and doesn't smear my makeup. The Cover Up was also a wonderful product. What made me really like this product was that I could finally cover up my dark circles. I try to get as much sleep as I can but when I don't I just cover it up with this product. Both products are great for sensitive skin and are fragrance free and all ingredients are organic. 

Unleash your sexy with this amazing lipstick these next products are so cute, I am obsessed with them. The product is LTW Custom Cosmetics Lipstick. These lipsticks are hand crafted from your specifications. You choose your texture and specialty additives to already formulated shades or they can create a new shade for you and name it! 

The two shades I got are Vintage Bride and Fashionista. The packaging was really cute. They came wrapped in a little package like a present with a bow. The lipsticks had a cheetah print designs which I thought was really adorable. The lipstick itself had a very cute design (seen in photo). The colors were very bold and shiny. They smoothed right onto my lips, it wasn't sticky or anything.The pigmentation lasted pretty long and it looked very classy on my lips. 

They can be purchased at

Guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

Check out LTW Custom Cosmetics!



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Bear with now this is the last review of this post. Last but not least the products are Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel and Nude Cover BB Cream.  The BB cream actually won an award in 2012 for Best Skin Care Launch so I obviously had high expectations. But let me tell you my expectations have been met. It had a nice rosy sent (unlike the exfoliating gel but it wasn't that bad) and it just sort of floats on your skin and it covers up so smoothly. I'm not surprised it won an award. The exfoliating gel was incredible. You put it on your dry skin first then massage for about a minute then rinse it off. When you rinse it off it is the best feeling in the world. It feels like a layer of dead skin was rinsed off and your skin feels so cool. I used the products a few times but stopped because I wanted to save them for special occasions and show off my flawless new skin.This BB cream is definitely one of the best that I have ever tried!

This BB cream and exfoliating gel can be purchased at

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Hope you guys enjoyed my extra long reviews and be sure to check out my other posts! :)

*Also I'd like to mention that whether or not these posts are sponsored all of my reviews are my completely 100% my honest opinion on the products *

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