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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Finding The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair + CHI G2 Flat Iron Review

Hello everyone! One of the biggest struggles a girl can have is finding the right flat iron for your hair.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds of dollars on a flat iron that just won't do. I've tried countless straighteners from different brands that just couldn't seem to get the job done. When I finally did find the right straightener for my hair (which I will review in a little), I thought I'd share with you guys a few tips on how to find the flat iron that fits you.

Tip #1: How Long Is Your Hair?
   The size of your flat iron depends on your hair length and thickness. If you have long, thick hair (lucky), then you probably don't want to use a 1'' hair straightener, otherwise you'll be sitting for hours trying to get every piece of hair. For those who have a lot of hair you'll want to up the size by getting at least a 1.25 inch or 1.5 inch. Shoulder length hair or thin hair should only need a one inch ceramic plate.

Tip #2: Buy From A Brand You Trust
   It's really important to have a hair brand that you trust. Just because one product works for someone doesn't mean it'll work for you. Don't be afraid to try different brands and it's also good to know that popular brands may not always be the best brand. I went through so many hair brands and when I found CHI, I stopped my hair hunt. So go ahead and find your CHI.

   THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR!! If you find a straightener that you like, see what people are saying about it. Other bloggers' reviews can help you save a ton of money. Before I buy anything new for my hair, I do a ton of research and watch videos to make sure I know what I'm buying. You need to know if what you're purchasing is gonna give the results you want. Watch tutorials and read reviews before purchase.

And now.. drum roll please.. The flat iron I can't stop bragging about: The CHI G2 Flat Iron!

Before I begin the review I want to say, I have reviewed other products by CHI and each time they blew my mind. I reviewed their Keratin Shampoo and the CHI Air Flat Iron With that being said, when I got the CHI G2 I did have VERY high expectations. The first thing I noticed was the sleek packaging. You can tell a lot about a product just by their packaging and this is what it looked like:

The box had a magnetic close which I really loved. The box also came with a heat resistant pouch that came in handy. The cord was also a swivel, which for some reason bothers me when the cords aren't like that on other products. The edges of the flat iron were curved so you can curl, flip and style your hair with it. I will be doing a tutorial with this straightener on my YouTube so you can see the different styles and the results.

Notice how the plug for the CHI is different than usual
The CHI G2 has a digital display so it's easier to read the temperature it's on. It also comes with three modes for your hair. The first mode is for fine and fragile hair. The temperature for the first mode is from 0°F - 370°F and it lights up blue. The second mode is for medium/ wavy hair and its temperature for it is 375°F - 395°F. The color for this mode is green. The last mode is for coarse/resistant hair and its temperatures are 400°F - 425°F and its color is red. This really came in handy because I used to always burn my hair at like 400° and now I know I should be at 375°. It also has buttons for specific temperature control to make sure the heat isn't too much for your hair. When you turn on the CHI straightener, it beeps and then it takes about 40 seconds to fully heat up and then it beeps again to let you know its done. Obviously, that's a pro for this product because it heats up in under a minute.

Now that we've got the setup done, it's time to see the results.
The first thing I noticed when using the CHI straightener was how easily my hair glided through and that I didn't need to do same section of hair more than I usually do. It also didn't take as long for me to straighten my hair, even though my hair is past shoulder length. The picture below shows half my hair straightened with the CHI and the other half is left untouched and you can defiantly see a major difference. 

The products I used with the CHI hair straightener were also by CHI. The products were their Iron Guard (heat protectant), Shine Infusion Hair Spray and Volume Booster Spray. After I washed my hair I sprayed the Volume Booster all throughout my hair and also focused on my roots, cause that is where I lack volume. Once my hair was halfway dry I sprayed the 44 Iron Guard because I wanted the Volume Booster to set first. After I flat ironed my hair I topped it off with the hairspray. Overall, these products worked and smelled amazing. 

The final results: 

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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