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Friday, October 9, 2015

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

"Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our faces - and yet they are often the most neglected."

There is no doubt that eyebrows are the important features that are hard to maintain. I recently found two products that will help you get the perfect brows.

The first product that will help you is from Billion Dollar Brows (love the name!). Billion Dollar Brows is the only cosmetics company dedicated to brows. Their Complete Brow Tools kit has everything you need to fix any problems you have with your brows. It includes the Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Pencil, Brow Gel, and a Smudge Brush.

The first tool is the Universal Brow Pencil. One end has bristles to brush your brows and the other end has the pencil to fill in your brows. The Brush was great for smoothing out my brows and straightening them out. The pencil also helped fill in my eyebrows and blended in perfectly. It also works on both blondes and brunettes. The pencil is also creamy and glides right onto my brows. A nice thing about this product is that the pencil always stays sharpened. 


The Kit also comes with a  Brow Duo Highlighter. This highlighter was great for giving me a "wide awake" look.You can use it to highlight your brow bone and add more definition to your brows.The other end of the pencil has a concealer which is very convenient for a quick touch-up. 

A brow gel is also included. This gel is like hairspray but for your brows. Once you've brushed your brows apply a thin layer on. The gel helps hold the hairs in place and lock them in. The gel is clear so you don't have to worry about it showing and it lasted pretty long. Another pro about this gel is that is dries soft not hard. The highlighter works on all skin tones.


The last thing is a smudge brush. The brush had a flat end is used to blend in the Brow Duo Pencil. It was gentle on my brows so I didn't have to apply a lot of pressure to blend in the concealer or the highlighter. There's not much to say about this brush but I can say a lot about the kit. It has everything you need to get your dream brows.

This kit goes for $35 but if you live in the US you can get free shipping because your order is over $30
You can purchase this kit here

\The last product is from Paula Dorf's. It's their 2+1 For Brows and Perfect Brow Brush. Both products come separate. The product includes 2 colors + 1 light wax. The wax a lot creamy than I thought it would be, which is actually a good thing. It also lasted all day  and didn't flake which made me feel a lot more confident about my brows. This was perfect for filling in my missing hairs and giving my brows a fuller and more defined look. You simply dip the brush in the color you want and lightly dip it in the wax and then VOILA! The colors come in blonde, brunette, neutral or red so anyone can fill in their brows. The perfect brow brush is angled so it's fit better for your brows.
 Also, if you use the code BROWBRUSH you can get a the Perfect Brow Brush for free.
The 2+1 can be purchased here

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