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Sunday, October 18, 2015

What To Know Before Buying A Facial Brush+ Soniclear Petite Review

Every person who has struggle with skin problems has tried a facial brush at some point or another. Facial brushes can be great and other times they be a total rip off. There are a few key tips to know before buying a good facial. Make sure it's from a trusted brand. A lot of drugstore ones break down too fast. The price also has to be reasonable. It's good to spend a little more than you usually do on a facial brush that actually works and lasts long than to spend $30. Facial brushes are great for gently removing dead skin cells and controlling oily skin. With that being said, it's time for the review.

Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Review
Available in different colors, mine is Tutti Fruitti

When I first opened the package this is what it looked like. 

The box included:
  • Soniclear Petite Waterproof Rechargeable Sonic Control Handle
  • Charging Cradle
  • USB Inductive Charger, which magnetically attaches to the Handle.
  • Antimicrobial Face Brush Attachment

The color of the facial brush was so cute! It is available in different colors in case you don't like this one. I loved how it came with a charging cradle to hold my Soniclear. The charger magnetically clicks to the facial brush and gets tucked away with the cradle. It definatly didn't take up a lot of space and the facial brush itself was light. The end of a charger was a USB as you can see in the picture, so you can charge it universally. When you first get the facial brush you need to let it charge for at least 12-24 hours as you do with a lot of products. It beeps to let you know it needs charging. While it's charging the light is steadily beeping and when it's done the light stays on. 

   While using the brush I noticed every 20 seconds it would beep and it would do that to let know that it's time to scrub a different area. Instead of going back and forth with the brush I did little circles. The Soniclear has three setting. High, Medium and Low.  I found it great because it's perfect for any type of skin, especially sensitive skin. This is great to use with any skin cleansing or exfoliating product. In the manual it did say you can also use it alone and it worked great both ways. I loved that it didn't work for specific product, what you already have works. After the first use it felt like the was a layer of dead skin that was finally scrapped off. The next morning before even using it again I noticed right away the oil on my skin was a lot less than it was before. The results lasted so long I didn't even need to use the brush as much as I thought I would. I knewI still decided though to include it in my daily routine. Normally, I would say $99 is too much for a facial brush, but since I was highly impressed with it and have had it for a while now I would say this is a bargain. Instead of throwing away $30 or $40 on a product that might break fast, might as well spend $99 and never worry about dead skin or oily skin again.

What do guys think overall? Would you pay extra for  product that works and lasts long? Or stick to your budget? Sometimes quality or quantity is the right way to go.

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