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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review +Skin Equalizer Primer

Happy New Years everybody! I hope you guys had a great Christmas/New Years or an all around good season. 2016 for me is starting off so great because my first post is a Make Up For Ever review. I was approached by Make Up For Ever to review their Ultra HD Foundation and Skin Equalizing Primer. But as usual, that does not affect my honest opinion of the product. As the times are changing so is foundation. Foundation has definitely come a long way and after trying Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation it made me realize how advanced it is compared to regular foundations. With that being said- let's begin with the review!

Make Up For Ever

Skin Equalizer Primers

Since primer goes on before the foundation, I'm going to start my review with the primer. There are four Skin Equalizer Primers. There are 10 Skin Equalizers, but I'm only going to review four. The four I got are 
  • Mattifying Primer: Reduces shine for oily skin. 
  • Smoothing Primer: Evens the skin's texture. 
  • Hydrating Primer: Preps normal skin and restores balance. 
  • Nourishing Primer: Moisturizes and comforts. 

My skin type is oily only from my nose and a little but on my forehead,the rest normal. I have a couple of redness from acne scars and little tiny bumps that hardly noticeable but make it hard for me to apply foundation without it appearing cakey. The first thing I noticed with the Primers is that there's a primer for every texture and tone. Any unwanted redness, oiliness, dry patches, dark circles, etc, Make Up For ever Has a primer for it. Each Skin Equalizer (of the four ) had a transparent, white color except the Smoothing Primer but it was very light and hardly noticeable. What the primers do is that they basically perfect your skin for a flawless foundation finish. They were all weightless and had a pleasant scent that wasn't irritating. A wonderful thing about these primers is if you have more than one skin concern you can use more than one primer to target each area specifically . I liked to use the Mattifying Primer on my nose because that's where the oil for me is and it helps reduce the shine. Each one is $36 on Sephora, but I honestly believe they are worth it. They are a great investment because a little goes a long way. They have a fine tip so you don't have to worry about accidentally using too much. They were super absorbent so I didn't have to wait long for it to set and blended easily into my skin. I did notice though that my foundation came on easier for me to apply, as I mentioned earlier sometimes it's hard for my foundation not to appear cakey. The Smoothing Primer helped even out my skin and prepare it for the foundation.  The Smoothing Primer, as well as the Hydrating Primer are great for starters if you don't know which one to get.

Make Up For Ever also has more Skin Equalizer Primers  for different tones. You can check them out and see which ones fit your needs. Overall, I would say they met my expectations since my expectations were already very high. 

"Like painters, who need a perfectly smooth, even-colored, and flawless canvas, makeup artists require even-toned and smooth skin for an optimal and professional makeup result."—Dany Sanz, MAKE UP FOR EVER Founder and Creative Director 

The foundation came in such a classy case that I honestly did not want to throw it away (yes I know-I'm a hoarder). I got three Ultra HD Foundations from Make Up For Ever and the shades were Yellow Albaster, Ivory Beige and Marble. This foundation won an Allure Best of Beauty award so no doubt my standards for this were incredibly high. 

When the Make Up For Ever package arrived I was so excited, after hearing everybody rave about this product I was eager to join in on the action. My first impression of the Make Up For Ever Foundation was how well the packaging was, and it also came with a little informative booklet. This lead me to the impression that the people of Make Up For Ever definitely know what they're doing and are great at presentation. The booklet helped me better understand the purpose of this foundation and what differentiates it from others. The purpose of this foundation is not only make your face look naturally flawless (which yours already is ♥) but also look on camera. If there's one word to describe this foundation it would be INVISIBLE. Not invisible as in it doesn't show, but invisible as in it's so natural and naked to the eye it's almost like it's not there. It was very liquidy (is that even a word?) and runny but once blended evenly (and with the Primer for an extra hold) it stays put. The one issue I had  with the foundation was that the bottle spilled but from the inside. The foundation leaks but I blame my post office because they are always so careless with my packages and this isn't the first one they've ruined (I will have my revenge!-well maybe not).

Back to the foundation, after one use I hit me instantly why this foundation won an award. Unlike other companies that think foundation needs to be thicker for a buildable coverage, Make Up For Ever did the opposite. The Ultra HD Foundation was weightless but with a buildable coverage. It only took about 2-3 pumps for a full face coverage which was a huge plus because I didn't have to use too much, especially since it's a little pricey but you don't have to waste to much to get the coverage you want. To show you guys what an incredible job this foundation did I wrote Make Up For Ever with a pen and covered it up with the Ultra HD Foundation. Ink is so thick and dark so I was happy with results because the writing practically disappearedis what the foundation did to something as thick as ink imagine what it does the redness or dark circles on your skin. I did take a video of me apply the foundation on my hand if you are still skeptical, which I will be uploading my Instagram (@BeautyByBettys -yes with an S curse you Username Taken!) 

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is $43 but well worth the money. If you're looking for a weightless, oil-free foundation that gives a natural look i would highly recommend this. With our generation of Selfies and Instagram, finding a foundation that  offers full coverage-without actually looking like a foundation is hard to find and I think I found it. 

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