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Monday, December 21, 2015

Macadamia Natural Oil Review + My Experience With

Greetings beauty lovers! Today's review is going to be a little different than what I what usually review. I'm going to review not only a product, but also a website. The website I will be reviewing is Triple Heaven Emporium.  I'm going start off my review with a few perks of purchasing and joining their site/newsletter. 


They offer a wide range of big beauty name brands ranging from hair, makeup, fragrances, and skin care products. To name a few, they sell Dior, K√©rastase, Versace, and Macadamia Professional (which I will be reviewing). Their prices are discounted up to 60% off retail prices. Plus they have a rewards program for every dollar you spend you get two points, 100 points for signing up and 5 points for every product you review on their site. They have free shipping if you join the elite program and you get an extra discount if you shop regularly. 

Macadamia Natural Oil Product Review

The product I got for review (FYI: The product was sent for me to review but in no way affects my honest opinion, trust with my readers comes before anything else) is the Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo (For Dry or Damaged Hair)  It is on sale now for only $40.42 and when it's not on sale it's $47.00. To me, I personally do believe $47 is good value especially if it's a huge b=name brand like Macadamia. The size of the shampoo is 33.8 oz/1000ml/1Liter. On Triple Heaven Emporium is says that the product will do one or more of the following :
  • -Helps mildly cleanse hair
  • -Quenches hair with hydration
  • -Shields hair from environmental impacts
  • -Particularly beneficial for dry, damaged hair
  • -Leaves hair silky, nourished & revitalized
ONE LITER! Can you believe that? I'm not complaining tho
If you've been following me on my blog for a really long time then you probably already know I love Macadamia Products. I did a review of their samples way back in 2013, I remember liking Macadamia but couldn't really remember why.  That review was when I first started my blog so that review may not be as good as this one. My first use with the shampoo instantly reminded why I loved Macadamia so much. The sweet aroma of the shampoo was one of the reasons. The scent was pleasant, but not strong enough to irritate. It had a light golden texture, which was perfect because it didn't weigh down my hair. The bottle was a pump which came in handy because it prevented it from spilling and I didn't have to hold this huge bottle to pour some in hand.  After every wash my hair hydrated and silky. I was so happy to see Macadamia come in such a big bottle because it's one of those things that you never want to end. From the list I think it did everything from nourishment to silkiness, but I don't know if it shielded from environmental impacts, I didn't really see a difference there. I'm obviously not going to keep using it back to back, I will switch it up with other shampoos to give my hair a break and to not waste this shampoo so fast. I think what makes this shampoo so great is that it's color safe and sulfate and paraben free.

If you have dry or damaged hair I definitely, 1000 times recommend Macadamia Natural Oil Products because they are honestly my number brand that I use if I want to actually see results. A lot of products that claim they'll help damaged hair just pile on a million different oils in a bottle and sell it, but Macadamia didn't.

My Experience 

"My Experience" sounds bad, but it wasn't I know a lot of people say "My experience with blah-blah-blah" and it's usually something negative, mine was anything but. I chatted with the Heaven Emporium a bit and they are very friendly. they spoke to me in a polite way as if I was an acquaintance. I was late with this review for them but instead of being rude or impolite, they simply emailed me to inform me that I was late. They were also patient with me as I had many questions and they answered every single one. Some brands get very crude when I ask too many questions or am late with a review. I don't care how well a product works, customer service is everything. Fortunately, I didn't have any trouble with Triple Heaven Emporium and didn't expect to. My package was wrapped secure and came with a little card, that was sweet and thoughtful. Shipping was also fast and it didn't take too long to arrive at my doorstep. My overall experience was pleasent and I hope it will be for you guys too. They are a great substitute for Sephora, Folica and other online shopping sites.  

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