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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Salon Giojé Keratin Protein Mask Review

Hello everybody! If you have damaged hair then this is the review for you. I have tried multiple hairs mask, whether it's store bought or home remedies. Some worked while others were a total waste of time. However, I got the chance to review this product from Amazon. It's called Salon Giojé Keratin Protein Mask. Enough chit chat let's get started on the review!

Salon Giojé Keratin Protein Mask

This mask was surprisingly good. I didn't have much hope for it at first because I've never heard of th brand before and it's from Amazon. It definitely made my hair feel super smooth and silky. I think the protein and keratin in it really gave my hair the boost it so desperately needed. That was one of the things I really liked about the product: The ingredients. If you hair has a lot of breakage and split ends then that means you're lacking protein so this product will help.   

There were a few cons however. One is the smell was strong and smelled like cologne. I didn't mind it but I know some people would  find it irritating. Also, another thing was the size of it. You only get 8 fl. oz. for $25. The price honestly isn't an issue for me, but the product ended too soon and i wish i got a couple more uses out of it. 

Overall, I would recommend this product for anyone with hard to manage hair like me. I would give the quality of this product 5 stars, but overall all 4/5. 

You can get this product here: 


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