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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Studio Gear Cosmetics Review: Liquid Lipstick and Contour Sticks

Hello everybody! I am so excited to review these brand new releases from Studio Gear Cosmetics! They have definitely stepped up their A game! Let's get to the review! ☺

TRUE Lipstick Addition

So starting off, this really isn't much of a review because I've already posted about their lipsticks, but they have added more shades to their collection. If you're not familiar with their TRUE collection, all of the lipsticks are matte, super pigmented and last all day (no kidding, they really do last long and stay in place). The new shades added are as seen on the picture to the left. I must say True Peach is my favorite but they are all super gorgeous! Highly recommend checking these lipsticks out!

Featherweight Contour Sticks

 I'll be honest when I first saw these products I wasn't expecting anything life changing. However, I tried the light stick as a foundation and it surprisingly worked really well. It blended easily (even better with a damp beauty blender with a drop or two of facial oil). It also provides full coverage and does not cake at all! To be honest I thought it would cake up if used as a foundation but I can see why they called them featherweight. But the icing on the cake was their new PEARL HIGHLIGHTING STICK! It had this beautiful shimmer to it as you can see in the image. Cream highlighters are subtle, non-glittery and have a nice glow to them. And that;s exactly how this highlighter is. I love the way it glided onto my skin and blended in so it looked very natural. 

Whipped Stained Liquid Lipsticks

 And now for the main event, to top it all off, Studio Gear finally released Liquid Lipsticks. I got the mini set, however they do come in full sizes. The texture of these liquid lipsticks was kind of mousse and creamy. I really loved how light they were and they felt comfortable on my lips. The colors were absolutely stunning and once applied, they didn't smear or run. However the only issue I have (which really isn't an that big of a deal) is that I wish they were a little more matte. Even when they dried there was still a little shine to them. But if you pat a little off with a tissue the shine will go away. 

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