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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo Review. Worth the $75?

Today, my ravenous readers, I will be reviewing the Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo. Now my review will be based on how I felt about the shampoo prior to knowing the price. First off, this is what the shampoo looked like:

Putting the price of the shampoo aside, I'd have to say the shampoo did what it said it would. I did notice my hair become VERY shiny, and I loved the results. It made my hair feel so soft, I couldn't stop touching it. The smell filled up my bathroom when I put it on and my hair always smelled like it was freshly washed.The texture of my hair felt like it was brand new. Another thing I loved about this product was that you didn't have to use too much of it for your hair. Just enough to fill the palm of your hand for one wash. A pro for this shampoo is it's paraben and sulfate free. It's also safe for color or keratin treated hair. The Philip B Royal Shine shampoo moisturized my hair so much I didn't even have to put anything on my hair afterwards. Now, if we were to talk about the price of the shampoo, would you pay $75 for it? 

I, personally, would not buy a shampoo for $75 even if it did do a really good job because my main concern for my hair is not it's texture and I can not afford $75 for a bottle of shampoo. The bottle is also only 7.4 fl. oz, but since you don't use to much of it, it does last pretty long.If you're someone who's hair need a revamp, I would highly recommend it. But, my only reason, to as why I would not pay for $75 for it is because I simply can not afford $75 for a bottle of shampoo. However, you can buy this shampoo, for $25 but for a smaller size of the shampoo.Overall, for $75 for a bottle of shampoo is not worth it for someone who's on a budget, but if you're desperate and willing to splurge I suggest you check it out.

Here is some more info on the shampoo:
  • Size: 7.4 fl. oz
  • Smell: Long-lasting, keeps my hair scent fresh
  • Overall Performance: A+
  • Price: $25-$75, depending on size and where you get it from
  • Worth it?: YES

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