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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

3 Easy Ways To Get Heatless Beach Waves

Hey guys! I know it's been centuries since I've posted on here, I've just been super duper busy. But, here I am back for the summer with more tutorials and tips to share with you all. Since we're getting enough heat from the sun I thought it would make sense to share a few ways to get heatless curls.

1st Way: Braid Your Hair When It's Wet

After coming out of a nice and relaxing shower, brush your hair and braid it. The more braids you have, the more waves you'll get. Keep your hair braided until the next day to make sure your hair has completely dried up. Once your hair has fully dried, you can undo your braid and admire your beautiful waves.

2nd Way: Scrunch Your Hair When It's Wet 

This is another one you can do after you shower. Brush your hair and add some mousse to it. The next step you can do one of two ways. Put all of your hair to a side and put a shirt (towels cause frizzes in hair) under it and scrunch it all together. The other way is to grab random chunks of hair and scrunch it. Don't scrunch it a ton, but just a couple of times as it dries. Lastly, scrunch a little serum to hold the waves. 

3rd Way: Put Your Hair In a Bun Overnight 

The last way requires more time then the others because it's overnight. Damp your hair and add your go-to oil or serum. Then, tie your hair in a ponytail and take all or your hair and twirl it into one giant piece. Keep hold of the curl and wrap it around your headband. Put your hair in a bun by either holding down with bobby pins or tie another headband around your. Make sure your bun is tight enough to hold you bun in place but not too tight to give you a headache. In the morning undo your bun and voilĂ 

Enjoy Your Curls!

Share your results with us at my twitter and instagram! 

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