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Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to get the Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

How to get the Perfect Smoky Eye Makeup 

 1.) Remove existing Make Up

Makeup is always applied better when the skin is completely clean and fresh, so cleanse your face of natural oils or existing makeup before you begin to apply this look.

2.) Experiment First

Practice, practice, practice! Experiment with different eye shadow colors, different brushes and even techniques – it is important to perfect your look first! 

3.) Find the Right Tools

To achieve a great smoky eye, you’ll need the right tools! We recommend having at least two shadow brushes and some cotton swabs handy in case you need to clean some of the eye shadow or eyeliner off! 

4.) Don’t Forget Your Brows 

The perfect accompaniment to smoky eyes is perfectly shaped eyebrows. This will allow your look to remain polished and really stand out. 


5.) Color Coordinate 

Use contrasting colors to your own eye color to make your naturally beautiful eyes stand out even more. Brown eyes look wonderful against purple, and green teamed with blue creates a mermaid palette! 


6.) Different Brands, Different Quality

Don’t be afraid to try different brands of makeup for your eyes. Some brands you may find have better quality eye shadow or liner, and some also offer a wider range of colors

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7.) Embrace Primer

Primer, in the form of powder or a neutral eye shadow, will even out your skin tone, especially on the often more pale eyelids. This will create an even base and starting point for your smoky eyes. 


 8.) Consider Your Lashes 

If you’ve chosen to team your smoky eye makeup with super glam false lashes, then now is the time to do so – before you begin to layer on your eye shadow and eyeliner! Remember to allow the adhesive to dry completely before continuing.  


9.) Don’t Forget Underneath Your Eyes 

You may have evened out the skin tone on your eyelids, but underneath your eyes is just as important! Banish dark circles using concealer, and lightly massage any unsightly puffiness to make your eyes seem less tired. 


10.) Get Your Eyeliner Ready 

The first step in creating that sultry smokiness is to line your eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Pencil eyeliner, rather than liquid liner, works best to create a softer, almost smudgy line. Remember, you don’t have to use black – color works just as well if that is the look you’re after!  


11.) Eye Shadow Time 

Now we’re working our way up, from the lash line, all the way up to your brow. Begin with the darker shade, applying it gently along your entire eyelid. To add extra emphasis, you can also apply the dark eye shadow lightly under your bottom lashes. Using your second and lighter eye shadow, begin to gradually blend this up to just underneath your eyebrow. 

12.) Slow and Steady

Don’t forget to gradually build up the intensity of color, rather than trying to apply it all at once. This will give your smoky eye more depth and consistency, rather then appearing flat and one-dimensional. 

13.) Natural Lashes 

Apply a coat of dark mascara to your natural lashes and allow it to dry. Once it has dried, apply a second coat, making sure that there are no clumpy bits between lashes. This step is only necessary if you chose not to apply false lashes as mentioned earlier. 


14.) Cotton Swab Time

Now is the time to dip them in a small amount of makeup remover to begin cleaning up any messy lines or eye shadow that may not look quite right. This will perfect your look, allowing it to be neat and extremely stylish!  



15.) Less is More

Now that your eye makeup is dramatic and sultry, the key is to take care in keeping them the major focus of your look. Avoid overdoing your cheeks and lips by steering clear of bright or heavy hues and keep the rest of your makeup palette neutral – easy!  


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