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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Favorite Nail Products

Hey guys! Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means.. Halloween nail tutorials! Since I might be doing a few nail tutorials, I figured I'd review the products that I'd be using in my tutorials and some of my other favorite fall (or any season) nail products.
 These first products are from Kiss and they are a must have, especially if you're a nail addict.

The first product is the Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit. This kit includes pre-cut nail art (little strips with nail designs already on them), 6 glitter pouches, design decals, faux rhinestones, charms, foil tape, dotting tool, 3 nail art brushes, nail art sealer (3.3 ml) and a pro design guide. Just by looking at the picture you can that you can make a million and one designs from this little kit. (Which possibly means more nail tutorials coming up *winky face* ). Everything that's included are you basic essentials to make almost any nail design you'd like. It's a great product to help you get creative with your nails and try out new looks. It's only $10 which It's definitely worth the money. It also comes with a handy little book with tutorials and ideas for your nails.

   The next products are the imPRESS Nails and Kiss Gel Fantasy. These nails are a HUGE time savers. You just pick the nails that are your size and peel off the plastic from the back and attach them to your nails. A great thing about these products is that they come in many different sizes, so they fit on almost anybody. Not only are the designs incredibly cute, but you can also choose the shape you want, whether you want them round or square and they have a huge variety to choose from. The imPress nails and the Gel Fantasy lasted really long, they can up to about a week, I believe. The only thing you should know is that you can't touch water when you put the nails on otherwise they'll fall off. Which is actually better than waiting 30 minutes for your regular nail polish to dry.  The gel fantasy only costs $7.99 and the imPRESS nails are about $3.95. A week of salon quality nails for under $10!

The next product is Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes, and obviously it's not for nails but since it's also from Kiss I decided to squeeze it into this post to review it. 

The lashes looked beautiful. They lasted all day and I had no problems with them. When I was wearing these lashes I actually forgot I had them on until someone complimented my lashed. That's how great these false lashes blend in with your real eyelashes. The adhesive also dried invisibly and was odorless, so it didn't irritate my eyes. Even after the adhesive dried, it was strong enough to hold them on all day, but flexible enough to still adjust them.

The next nail products are from Nailtiques.  

 From left to right, the products are their Hand Conditioner (I know, what?), Formula 2 and Color Lacquer. The products also came in a cute little gift bag and a folder with a paper on all the information you need to know about their products.

The last products from my fall favorites is the Color Lacquer and Formula 2. As you can already tell, Nailtiques is a high end brand, which means they don't come cheap (but that doesn't mean their not wroth it). The nail polish and formula 2 costs about $22. I think one of the main ingredients in their nail polish and formula 2 is magic. They say it has protein in it, but i believe it's magic because it made my nails GROW! At first I thought it was just me so I let my sister (who is a nail bitter! She bit her nails right down to the nub!) try them out and I saw huge improvement, in not only the length, but also the strength. If your nails are peeling, splitting, breaking or just won't grow, I highly suggest you check these products out.

  Whether you've heard of these products or not you tell why they are my favorite. Not only do I am I obsessed with them, the brands are also ones that I trust.

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