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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Introducing the Barielle Fall/Winter 2014 Collection....

Press Sample

Hey guys I just wanted to introduce you to Barielle's new Fall/Winter 2014 nail polish collection!  What I love about Barielle's nail polish is how shiny and sleek it looks on my nails. Plus it dries pretty quick. They also have a variety of colors! I noticed that my nails got long after a week of wearing them, I'm not sure if it's the ingredients in the nail polish or something else.

Here are their new fall colors I think you should check out:

    Taupe notch is a more of a light gray mixed with a light purple color. I would consider this more of a winter color. It's a very classy color if you're wearing light colors like a light blue, or light purple, or even grey.  
    The next color is Boho Chic.....

    Boho chic is more of a dark sea grean. Usually I am not a fan of green nail polish because I feel like it looks tacky on my nails, but not this one. I loved this color. It was dark and mysterious. It's very smooth and blended well with my skin tone.  

    The next gorgeous color I have is Berry Posh....

    Anyone who loves pink nail polish will love this color. Berry Posh is a creamy deep fuchsia.  This color is a hot and bold. You'll definitely attract attention as well as compliments.

    If you're not into girly colors like pink and purple you should check out vintage gown.

Vintage Gown is a creamy rust w/ a hint of pink. It's pretty much a cute version of brown. This color blends well with anyone skin tone. It's bold and classy. I consider this color a perfect color for the fall/autumn.
    The next color I have from this collection is Soho at Night....

This color is a creamy grape purple. It's a classy dark purple nail polish.This color is perfect for winter. It's a a cool relaxing color that is not as bold as the others. This color gives your nails a sleek look. 

Finally the last color I have is Moda Bleu....


This color is a creamy dark navy/purple. It's much darker than it appears on the pic above. This color is perfect for the winter. This color is practically a light version of black. Gives your nails a bold & sleek look! 

And stay tuned for the rest of the Winter Collection! :) 

CONTEST: Barielle is having a Halloween Manicure contest starting today thru October 30th.  

We encourage you o participate to win 2 Barielle color collection of their choice 

 Plus No Chip Speed Dry top coat.

Send any tutorials you have using Barielle shades,  by tagging Barielle on Twitter!

Barielle Halloween Manicure Contest

Check out the rest of their colors on 
Each bottle is about $8, Inc.

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