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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Parrot Polish: Paint Your Nails For Charity

Hey guys! So I recently found a nail company that's all about charity! Well, not exactly paint your nails for charity, but a portion of your purchase goes to the FPR Florida Parrot Rescue. The FPR adopts parrots and gives them shelter. Parrot Polish is a company that started earlier this year May. It is run by a gentleman  named Dave and his wife. They both have a passion for parrots and nails so they combined the two and thus made Parrot Polish. They are by far the most dedicated people I have worked with and they help each customer personally. They respond very fast and they also have free shipping worldwide. A neat thing about Parrot polish is if you upload your nails with their polish on your social media they use it for their display on their site! (With your permission of course!)


From their collection I will be reviewing (from left to right) Key Lime, Frumos, Cranbarry Seas and Blue Marlin

 The first color is Blue Marlin. It is a dark blue green color with a shine of gold underneath. This color was very shiny and only needed one coat. It goes for $11. The color on the left is Key Lime green. It's a bright neon green color.  The texture is very light, which means you have to apply two coats to get the bold color you want. For someone who likes bright neon colors you should definitely check it out. I loved the packaging. The nail polish came in a small white box with a cut out of a tree on it. I thought that was really cute since it looks like the parrot is flying out if the tree when you pull the bottle out. This nail polish goes for $12, I know that seems pricey but it goes to charity and the bottle is pretty big.

The next color I got was Cranbarry Seas. This color is absolutely gorgeous. This color is a rich pink color with a shine. Unlike the Key Lime color, the texture was very thick. This one is actually $11. The nail polish didn't chip easily either so I rarely put on a top coat with this. The color on the left is called Frumos which is Romanian for Beautiful. This color is described as a "A Dark Purple To A Rich Emerald Green". It has an illuminating effect and it looks a different color at every angle. These two are by far my absolute favorite nail polish colors.

Also I forgot to take a picture of this but with the nail polish came these 2 small bars of soaps. They were shaped like hearts and were white with pink dots. They are homemade by Mamma Parrot herself which I thought was adorable. 
I hope you guys enjoyed my review for Parrot Polish and saw a few things you like. Obviously you can that they have a lot of passion and dedication for what they do.

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