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Friday, March 6, 2015

Newest Addiction: Beauty Junkees and Born Pretty Store

Hey guys! I know its been like forever since I last uploaded my blog but I'm back again! This is long overdo, but I wanted to show you guys what I have been obsessing over lately. If you have these products you'l understand my obsession,and if you don't you're seriously missing out.

The first item I want to show you guys is Beauty Junkee's Flat Top Kabuki makeup brush. This is by far the best Kabuki brush I've ever had. Honestly, the bristles feel so fluffy and silky that I didn't even want to use it for my makeup, I just wanted to keep petting it. The bristles were also impressive. They didn't fall out or get mixed up with my makeup. Although it looks big, it's actually really light for its size. This brush is $11.97 on Amazon, but honestly I've seen the same brush go for $30 and even higher so this is a pretty darn good deal. My next obsession I wanna talk about is their Beauty Blender. This sponge is shaped like a teardrop or an egg shape, It has a round base and a pointy tip, which is great because you can get hard to reach places like under your eyes or work bigger areas faster. It never tugs on your skin, it isn't one bit rough, and it's like blending your makeup with a marshmallow (without the stickiness of course). This sponge mixed my foundation flawlessly and a 4 pack is $14.97! I've seen this go for $20 on Sephora for only one sponge, so I was surprised to see it this low (and NO it's not a mini, it's actually pretty big) which is why I highly recommend this product. The flat top sells for $20 on right now because you can sign up to receive 50% off your first order.

Quick Tip:  Use baby shampoo to clean your sponges.  Rinse and cleanse the sponge after each use.  Let sponge air dry in an open space

Plus, I got 2 more pieces of  jewelery from Born Pretty Store. Ever since I found Born Pretty, I can't stop bragging about it. Mostly because their accessories are affordable and GORGEOUS. 

The first item I got was this bracelet:

This bracelet is absolutely stunning.  It came with 8 pieces and each piece has a unique and different design. Two pieces have white pearls all around, one has a bow with a floral pattern while one has a floral pattern with no bow. Three plain gold pieces and the last one with coins dangling all around.  This bracelet is on sale right now for $5.99! This also comes in different colors like the blue above, a light red, camouflage green and beige. Since I live in the U.S it takes it about 3-4 weeks to arrive. The shipping time varies for each country.  I have reviewed Born Pretty before so I'm not gonna get into too much details about the quality other than the fact that also the price is cheap, the products don't look it. 

The second piece I got was rose and pearl studded bracelet. This one is $4.99 and also comes in different colors like the white below, black, blue, pink and orange. It came with 5 pieces. One with roses, 3 pearls but one is gold and the other 2 come in the color of your choice and the last piece has diamonds on it. I really loved this bracelet because it's classy and simple.

You can clearly see why I'm obsessing over these products and this won't be the last time you see these brands on my blog. If you have used these products before please let me know, I'd love to hear your input on them. 

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