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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Studio Gear True Palettes Review + My New SheIn Bracelet

 Hello everyone! I am so excited to review these palettes because they are my new favorite go-to eye shadow palettes. They are from Studio Gear Cosmetics and you guys know how much I love their products. So let's begin the review!

Studio Gear Cosmetics: TRUE Palette Collection

 Each palette comes with six shades.  Depending on the look you are going for, you can get the perfect shimmery look or a dark matte look. There are neutral tones and warm colors. Basically any kind of look you are going for, such as a smokey eye or an everyday look, you can create with these small palettes. The pigmentation was really good, especially the shimmery eye shadows. I was afraid of a lot of fall outs, but barely anything got out of place. My looks lasted all day, and looked just as good in the end as they did in the beginning. The one thing I didn't like about the palettes was the brushes that came with them. It was a blending brush and what irritated me was the bristles on it, would fall off once in a while.

Here is what the True Plum Palette looks like and also swatches so you get an idea of the pigmentation: 

Here are the other two palettes:

This is True Nude Palette. Perfect for light everyday looks
Close up of the True Nude. Only matte shadows

Close up of the Warm Nude Palette. If you don't like the matte eyeshadows, this one is like it but with shimmers.


"The shadow wardrobe basics you need in one simple, travel-friendly palette. Universally flattering shades mix and match to play up your features for a beautifully polished yet barely there look."-Studio Gear

Also, I got two new bracelets from SheIn and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Here is what it look like:

This is the Gold Pink Tassel Multi-layer Bracelet. This bracelet is really beautiful and classy. I love it so much because if you're like me, and you love wearing a lot of bracelets without showing off too much, they're perfect for you. Definitely worth the money, especially since it's not rusting even after I've had it for a while now. . Perfect arm candy with an affordable price. 
It can be purchased at this link

And I got another bracelet which I talked about in my one of my Youtube videos.

This was also an adorable bracelet because all the charms are on one side, so they're not annoying and get in the way too much. Half of the bracelet was chains and the other side was an elastic, meaning it could stretch. I like and disliked that because the elasticity could make it fit anyone but I was afraid if it would break too easily. It hasn't broken yet, and as long as I don't stretch it too much, I don't think it'll be a problem. I did wear it in one of my videos if you'd like to see how it looks. 

Here is the link if you are interested in any of these bracelets or are into cute affordable fashion.

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