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Monday, November 2, 2015

GIVEAWAY + evian Facial Spray Review

As promised it's giveaway time here at Confident Beauty! Hosted by Wilkes Group I will be giving away evian Mineral Water Facial Spray. Before I give more details about the giveaway I want to start off with a review and a little more about the products to give you guys more of an insight of the prize.

evian® Mineral Water Facial Spray Review

Think about your after shower routine. What is the first thing you put on your skin? Moisturizer? Lotion? All that stuff seems to sit on the surface of your skin and not really do anything because it's hard for your skin to absorb thick creams. When I first heard about evian Facial Spray and how it was just mineral water I remember thinking that whether I use tap water or mineral water, the benefits would just be the same. Boy was I wrong. I did a little research and I found out there is a huge difference between tap and mineral water. One of the main reasons why mineral is better than tap is chlorine dries up your skin. Mineral water doesn't have fluoride or any of those harmful chemicals. 

I first used the facial spray as a part of my after-shower routine and after seeing how well the results were I began to use it for many different things. I stopped using all of my skin care products to see how well it does alone and it made me feel like the products was using before were gunk. Since it's just water I'm applying to my skin, my skin sucks it up right away. The spray is very misty and lightly floats on my face. It obviusly doesn't leave any residue since it's all natural. The facial spray comes in many different sizes so it makes it very convenient and easy to travel with. It is a must have in my purse and I take it everywhere I go. Also, another I like to do with the facial spray is instead of damping my beauty blender with that old tap water, I sprayed it with the mineral water. Overall, I didn't think switching from tap to mineral water would make be such a huge change, but it has. My face feels fresher, cleaner and hydrated. Evian Facial Spray is available at Sephora. For those of you who would like to try Evian Facial Spray,, keep reading to find out how you can win your own spray.

And now...drum roll please....time for the giveaway!!

There will be in total three lucky winners. The first prize winner will win a backpack filled with evian Facial Spray. The backpack is a Longchamp "Le Pilage" water-resistant bag with s leather handle and a logo-embossed flap. It retails at $125 (no really) The packpack will be filled with a 10 oz., one 5 oz., amd three travel sized evian sprays (over $175.00 total value).

The last two winner will win a Longchamp pochette toiletries case (retails at $50) packed with  a trio set of traveled sized evian Facial Spray (over $70 value).

Good luck to everyone who enters and see for yourself how great evian Mineral Water Facial Spray!! May the odds be in your favor!

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