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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Next Big Thing: Eye Polish and Lip Lacquer by PÜR Minerals

Greetings my fellow readers! Isn't fall just about the best season there is? And I'm not talking about the leaves changing, sweater weather or pumpkin flavored everything. It's fall looks. I love fall makeup looks. I am dying to share with you these gorgeous fall eye and lip collection from PÜR Minerals.  I actually meant to post this review a while back but I lost all of my pictures that I had for this blog post. I had eye and lip swatches/looks with the products I am about to review but I reset my phone and forgot to back everything up. So instead I decided to use swatches for this review instead. I will however do more looks later and upload them on my Twitter and Instagram, so keep and eye out for PÜR Minerals.

I'll start off the review with the eye polish first.

 The difference between PÜR Minerals eye polish and possibly every other eyeshadow is that they are not pigmented, they're more creamy. This made it easier to apply the eyeshadow and less of a mess because it didn't flake off and ruin my foundation or have to put a napkin under my eye while applying. The creamyness (is that even a word?) especially made it easier to blend in the colors. I felt there was no need to apply an eyeshadow primer because I use a primer to help stick on my eyeshadow and since this eye polish won't flake off there is no use for it. You can use it as a base, top coat or alone. 

To me, it was great alone but if you want, you can use it as a base and then apply a pigment eyeshadow for more of a dramatic effect or vice versa. Each eye polish came with a brush. The brush was also different since it wasn't a brush, it was more of a silicone brush. I thought it was really smart of them to also create a special brush for their eye polish. The silicone brush's material made the eye polish slide off and there was no residue left on the brush. This was definitely a pro because I knew none of the eye polish was going to waste on the brush. Regular eyeshadows tend to leave leftovers and use up more eyeshadows, but not this.

The colors are perfect for fall. They pop and sparkle, but they somehow look so natural. They are great for everyday looks, but if you also want to glam up a bit. The picture below show swatches of the eyeshadow colors. which one is your favorite? Mine is either velvet or cashmere. Each one is $26, but I'll let you decided if it's worth it or not.

The last half of PÜR Minerals fall collection is their Hydrating Lip Lacquer. I am not lying when I saw everything in this post is my new love. First of all, look how cute their packaging is?


The tip of the lip lacquers were shower head sponges. The precise tip made application effortless with one stroke. You twist the bottom of the lip pens and the lacquer comes out like little worms through the shower head. (Okay maybe worms is not the best description, but hey, it works) The softness of the tip made it soft and gentle on my lips. Some lip glosses use plastic that make it too rough on my lips and tend to dry them out, especially since you're repeatedly stroking your lips back and forth. You need to twist it a little bit before you actually see anything come out but make sure not to to twist out too much. Once it's pumped up all the way, twist it just a little bit because a small dab is all you need. The was one of the things I really liked about PUR Mineral's lip glosses, is that you don't need a lot of it. It lasted all day and surprisingly hydrated my lips. When companies say their lips product are hydrating, they sometimes means as in they don't dry out your lips but at the same time they don't moisturize lips. But in all honestly, it felt like I was wearing lip balm with lip gloss. Each one of these is $22 and if you're the type of person who's quality over quantity than I highly recommend this for you, or anyone who wants gorgeous lips in 2 seconds. Below is a picture of how the pen looks and also swatches. Which one is your fav? They are all to die for but I have to say Belle is my favorite (not because that's also my favorite Disney Princess) and Mystic.

  • Belle – perfect natural nude
  • Graceful – natural beige with a hint of romance
  • Fancy – lustrous mauve
  • Fiery – fierce siren
  • Mystic – ripe black berry with a hint of raspberry

So, are you quality over quantity? Or is it better to settle for less and save money? Personally, I think while it's nice to save money, it can also be more satisfying to splurge more for better results. Trying out these lips and eye color products from PUR Minerals, gave me a positive outlook on them and their products and I highly recommend it to anyone. I hope you like their products as much as I did.

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