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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cocoa Brown REVIEW +Kylie Jenner's Tanning Products

If there's one thing the Kardashian's know how to do right, it's tanning. I mean look at then, they're all glowing! What is in the Kardashian Genes?
Ps Who's your fav Kardash?
So what is it that keeps people like Kylie Jenner, perfectly tanned all the time? With a little research and luck, I got the chance to review Cocoa Brown's Tough Stuff Body Scrub and Chocolate Whip Body Moisturizer.

 Here is a little background information on Cocoa Brown Tan and their products:

Cocoa Brown is a fake tanning range and it is locating in Ireland. It is the UK's best-selling fake tan and they have won multiple awards. They have also launched in New York in Rickys NYC and have stores in Miami. They also sell their products online at 

I won't be reviewing their tanning product but in case you're interested here are a few main features of their fake tan products.

  •  Accelerating ingredients mean that this revolutionary, speedy self-tan develops into a rich Cocoa Brown colour in just 1 HOUR.
  •  Once rinsed off, your tan will last for between 5 and 7 days.
  •  Signature Tahitian Gardenia scent-NO fake tan pong!
  •  Moisturising and kind enough to be used on both face and body.
  •  Easy to apply mousse, fast-drying, non-stick and fades evenly.
  •  Vegetable derived DHA and No Parabens = kind to sensitive skin.
  •  As always Cocoa Brown tan is brown, not orange.

Back to the products the first product we'll review is the Tough Stuff 3 in 1 Body Scrub. This exfoliation is scrub is for preparing your skin for tanning, getting rid of of old tan and leaving your skin smooth. Let me tell you guys, this product is the bees knees (and I hate saying "the bees knees). It had this rich, beautiful color and texture.The smell of it was just uuugghhhh sooo goooddd. It was a great exfoliator, the little beads helped scrub off any dead skin cells and a new layer of fresh skin came. The faster you swept it on your skin, the deeper the exfoliation. You can also use it on your skin dry. It will be a deeper exfoliation when it's dry, so if you want it to be gentler I suggest using it when it's wet. Overall I give this product an 15/10, just because it did an outstanding job.

The next and last product is the Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Moisturizer. When I first saw the name of the product I instantly thought  "Anything with chocolate is good". This product smelled like bananas. Obviously is was chocolate scented which is a con because every time I used it I either wanted to lick it off myself or eat it entirely. Okay, maybe it isn't a con for the product, just a lack of self control on my behalf. The moisturizer was very lightweight and non-greasy. There were a lot of things I like about such as it's quickly absorbed by my skin so I didn't have to wait for it to dry before i got dresses. The smell wasn't strong or irritating. It is safe for daily use so you can keep your skin hydrated daily. This is one of those products that you never want to end. This specific product won two awards, so I had high expectations when I tried it. The only problem I had was that it didn't win more awards. It met my expectations and beyond. You can use it before you tan to make your tan even and streak free. It'll also prevent certain areas from being too dark. If you tan fades away, apply the moisturizer daily to prolong the life of your tan.

In all complete and utter honestly I am seriously in love with these two products. I think it's great that Cocoa Brown is expanding to the US, because i believe more people should know about their products. Marissa Carter, I give you two tanned thumbs up for your wonderful products.

"Anything with chocolate is good"
                                                          -Betty T.

FUN FACT: Kylie Jenner actually snapper herself wearing Cocoa Brown on her instagram page during July. remember this picture:
Look at Cocoa Brown on her bed! Eek

So go ahead and get your tan on! 

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