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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Contour, Highlight + Filling In Your Brows For Beginners with PÜR Cosmetics

Contour and highlighting can be a great way to help define you flaws such as sharpening your jaw and slimming down your chin. Nowadays it's hard to find right kind of makeup to help you get that glowing look. But look no further because I found the products that can make all your flawless skin dreams come true! As I go along with this review I will be doing a tutorial/tips. By the end of this post you'll know how great PÜR Cosmetics are and how to contour and highlight like a pro!

For this tutorial I will be using PÜR Cosmetics Cameo Contour. The contour stick came in a box wrapped with a beautiful bow. Five sticks were included in the package and the 5 shades were light, medium, tan, dark and deep. These shades are perfect for people of any skin color and contour and highlight. 

The cameo contour stick had two ends, one for highlighting and one for contouring. Remember the highlight shade is not supposed to match your skin like foundation, but should be about two shades lighter than your skin for highlighting. The cameo contour stick also came with a mini instructions booklet for beginners. It has great tips for people who just laerning and also a face map to help you know where yo highlight and contour. The beauty blender was definitely a pro for this product because it helps you get a flawless finish and an airbrush effect. Make sure you damp your beauty blender before use. The tip (1) of the sponge is for small corners like the corners of your eyes or imperfections like zits, acne scars, etc. The flat side (2) is for blending around the eyes and nose.The bottom round (3) can be used to blend the large areas of the face and to blend your foundation. When damp, the sponge does it larger in size as you can see in the photo

 I swatched each sticks for you guys, the left side is all the highlights and the right is the contour. From top to bottom the shades are light, medium, tan, dark and deep. The cameo contour sticks were very smooth and creamy. They glided perfectly on my arm while I swatched and did the same on my face. As you can see on the picture below, in just the little swatches I did, my arm had even coverage in each shade.


Step 1: Highlight:
  • Center of the forehead
  • Under brow bone
  • Down the bridge of the nose
  • Under eye
  • Center of chin

Step 2: Contour
  • Around forehead hairline
  • Sides of nose
  • Under cheekbone
  • Under jawline

Cosmetics Cameo Contour Kit is available on their site here. It sells for $39.50, but I honestly do believe it is worth the money because it's great for everybody. Whether you're just learning, the steps are easy to follow and the stick is a much less of a hassle than a palette. It comes with everything you need including a beauty blender, which a lot of people will agree with me will give much more satisfying results than brushes. The convenience of the kit is also a definite plus. It doesn't take too much space and you can easily pack for traveling. Contouring and highlighting has never been so quick with the cameo stick. 

Now The Brows

For the eyebrows we will be using PÜR's Browder Perfecting Brow Powder
 The Browder also came wrapped in a bow with a little card that says #BrowsOnFleek plus another card that says It's the Little Things. I hope you guys are also getting this impression, but from what I can tell about PUR Cosmetics is that they put a lot of dedication and hard work in not only their products but their service and packaging too. To me, they take very good care for their customers and packages. 

The Browder came in three colors which are Brunette, Medium Brown and Brunette. I swatched the Browder in my wrist and from left to right, its Blonde, Medium Brown and Brunette.

 For a powder, this was pretty creamy but it did flake off a little. I took a picture of the little flakes that came off while I applied it to my wrists. It wasn't a major problem but it is worth mentioning.

The slanted and pointy wand did help me get an accurate filling and the cream-to-powder texture and an even coloring. The price for this is $22, which at first I thought was too much because of the flakes falling off but since the precision and results were satisfying I thought it was a fair deal. The bottles are small, but since they're only for eyebrows and you won't be using too much, a little goes a long way. After all it's the little things. 


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