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Monday, February 29, 2016

Perfect Skin On A Budget: Dermae Skin Care Products Review

Is it me, or has finding good skin care products gotten harder? It is so difficult to find a product without harsh chemicals, or at the very least irritate my skin. Luckily I found a brand that is basically free of anything that could cause harm to your skin. So let's get to it.

Dermae: About The Brand

This list goes one, Dermae is just being modest
Dermae has a wide range of charcoal activated products. WHAT?CHARCOAL ACTIVATED? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, let me explain. Although you're used to charcoal  Charcoal masks have become a recent buzz and although you may not associate charcoal with skin care, it really does have it's benefits. Activated charcoal can help fight acne and also draw out any micro-particles such as, bacteria, dirt, chemicals, etc. It works by attaching to dirt and oil, like a magnet, and sticks to it until it gets washed away. Activated charcoal isn't the only benefit of Dermae's products. Here is a list of ingredients/benefits of their products: 
  • Sulfate, cruelty, fragrance, paraben, GMO, gluten, dye, phthalate, petrolatum -free
  • Allergy tested (Great for sensitive skin)
  • Organic ingredients such as Bladderwrack (don't let that scare, it's actually pretty good for you), green tea, aloe, and Kimarine Wakame. 

 The first product I will be reviewing is the Purifying Gel Cleanser.  Since this product is dye- free, the natural color of this product was black (because of the charcoal, obvi).This was very gentle on my skin, but it still managed to cleanse away any build up. Each use gave the same results, my skin felt like it could finally breathe. This is my new favorite after workout product because it was the only product that would wash away all the sweat without being too rough. Normally, when I use a scrub, it has micro-beads, which are usually too rough for my skin and leave redness behind, but this didn't. I felt safe using this product knowing it's not going to beat up my skin are leave discoloration. It was very lightweight and still effective. This product is great for anyone with sensitive skin because it puts all your worries to rest. It's available at Ulta for $15.50 which I think is a great/reasonable price since some organic products tend to be pricey so it was a surprise to see this under $20.

 The Daily Detox is also under $20. Like the previous product, it is $15.50 and at Ulta. This scrub was perfect for removing my makeup and not leaving any residue. A lot of scrubs that actually do a great job at exfoliating aren't safe to use everyday, but this is. It had a different texture than the Gel Cleanser. It had micro-beads in it and it's color was silver/grey not black. It was also thicker than the gel cleaner. What honestly amazed me about this product was how my skin felt afterwards. You know after you brush your teeth and you take a deep breath and that refreshing/cool feeling hits you. Right hand to god, that's what this felt like. It was exactly what my skin needed. Their 2-in-1 charcoal also gave a similar feeling, but I will get to it later. This was by far by favorite product because it gave my skin such a smooth feeling and made my foundation not cake up.

 The last two products are the 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and Oil-Free Moisturizer. The charcoal mask was thin and dried quickly. It didn't take too long to dry up, I only had to leave it on for about 5 minutes or less. Definitely a time saver. I felt like this whether used alone, with another product from a different brand, or another product from the same brand, it worked just as wonderful. The scary (but good) thing about this mask was how incredible it got rid of my oily skin. It literally sucked out all of the oil and dirt from my skin like a vacuum. It helps with excess sebum and if you don't know what that it, it's basically excess oil and I attached photos showing what it looks like inside and out. Having excess sebum affects your makeup because of the texture it adds onto your skin, making your makeup look cakey. So if you're having problems with excess sebum, no doubt thi will be your life saver. It is a $19.50 at Ulta but trust me, you won't be disappointed.

But obviously if you're exfoliating and scrubbing and cleansing your skin, no matter how oily it will dry dry up, that's why it's important to moisturize. A good moisturizer is like finding a needle in the haystack. If you have oily skin, you obviously want to make sure you're using an oil-free moisturizer. this one is a little pricey, it's $29 at Ulta.  If you want to splurge on a good moisturizer, put Dermae's in your mind because it is a good start. It was lightweight and quickly absorbed into my skin. It helped control my oily skin and I didn't need to use a primer.

I have used all of these products more than once, and have not found anything wrong with them. If I do find anything (which I doubt) I'll update this review, but for now everything just fantastic. Right now, all of these are on sale at Ulta, so I would check it out while you can. I'd like to mention before I finish this review, is that the boxes for them had cute quotes on them. ♥

"The best makeup primer is healthy skin". -Dermae

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