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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Makeup Forever Pro-Sculpting Collection Review

Drop all your contouring palettes, highlighters and forget everything you knew about sculpting. Makeup Forever just came out with a new collection

Make Up For Ever: Pro-Sculpting Review

Highlighters are hitting every makeup lovers vanity. If you love highlighters, like me, you are going to love what Make Up Forever has now. 

 The first product of their collection is the Pro-Sculpting Face Palette. With it, you can highlight, contour, shimmer, and blush. This palette has a lightweight and creamy texture. It's thin texture helps it blend easier into your skin giving you a natural look. It felt comfortable on my skin and didn't irritate it because it wasn't heavy. Since it was cream and not a liquid, you don't have to worry too much about smearing too easily. It pretty much stays in place once you blend it. 

These shades are for light skin tones 

Light Palette swatches
This palette made it easier to contour and highlight because you have everything you need all in one palette. Instead of buying a contour palette, a highlighter and blush, you save money just by getting this product that has it all for you. It's also pretty small for a contour palette, so it's easier to travel with and there's less of a mess to deal with. It was really creamy but not sticky. I was afraid it would be sticky, but thankfully it wasn't. Like super smooth, it glided so perfectly on my skin. We have seven layers of skin, but this felt like I had eight, and that eighth one is like the perfectly contoured nose, highlighted cheeks and chiseled jaw. This is perfect for beginners because it makes contouring so simple for you and it picks out the shades for you. 

These shades are for medium skin tones.
Medium Palette swatches
I think people who have mastered contouring and highlighting would enjoy it too, since they can do it their makeup quick, they can do it even quicker with all their products right next to each other. There are shades perfect for every skin tone, which like I mentioned before is one of the reasons why I love Make Up For Ever. They're always one step ahead of the game. it is $45 on Sephora, but you're paying for four products, which is a great deal. 

Sephora's Description on how to use it:

  • -Highlight: Naturally enhance your best features such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin, and cupid's bow. 
  • -Contour: Correct the features you want to minimize such as jawline, cheek hallows, temples, and sides of the nose. Blend towards the highlight shade to soften. 
  • -Shimmer: Further enhance your best features such as the cheekbones, browbone, and Cupid's bow over the highlight shade or by itself. 
  • -Color: Apply blush from the hairline towards the center of the face in a figure "8" motion.

Make Up For Ever's collection is all about highlighting and combining products all into one. Which explains the next product. The Pro-Sculpting Brow.

You can from the photo above, this is a three in one eyebrow pencil. You can fill-in, shape, sculpt and highlight your brows. The top of the pencil was an eyebrow brush, which you can use to comb and shape. The bottom was the pencil tip. The pencil tip was a tiny triangle that is slanted,  which helps with precision. The pencil is actually hard to describe because I don't understand the voodoo Make Up For Ever has going on. It's creamy and slithers on my skin, but gives off the effect of a powder. It has the weightless effect of a powder and creamy enough to blend and look genuine. If you twist off the pencil tip, it reveals a highlighter. The highlighter had a dome-shaped, sponge felt tip. The highlighter didn't have a shimmer and was more of a matte highlighter, which makes sense. It is $27 at Sephora, and if you compare it to others there are ones that are more expensive but aren't three-in-one or are just pencils. The picture of the swatches is not in just one stroke. I went back and forth so the color can show more. It comes in 5 shades, so almost any can find their color. Overall, you'll have perfectly groomed brows for $27.

Sephora's How To Use Description:

  • Color: 
  • -Apply the brow color starting at the arch of the brow towards the tail. 
  • -Continue applying through the front of the eyebrow towards the arch using short upwards strokes. 
  • Shape: 
  • -Brush the eyebrow to blend and groom any stray hairs into place. 
  • Highlight: 
  • -Apply the matte highlight both above and below the brow arch to illuminate the eyes. 
  • -Tip: The brow arch and tail should be the darkest points of intensity to have a lifting effect on the eye.

The last part of the collection is my all time favorite new product and it's their Pro-Sculpting Lip.

 The only con with this product is that there is not enough shades of it! There are only four shades (which are to die for), I hope Make Up For Ever comes out with more because they're so gorgeous. This is also a duel-ended product. One side is a matte lip color while the other side is a highlighter. Even though the colors are matte and some matte colors can dry out your lips, these are infused with oil and are creamy so you don't have to worry about chapped lips. The lippies come with a highlighter because if you highlight your cupid's bow, it gives the illusion of fuller lips. The highlighter is powder-to-cream and you can use it to shape your lips. The highlighter is filled in the cap so you don't have to worry about it running out to easily either. Depending on how intense you want your fuller pout to be, you apply highlighter either before or after. Same as the brows, it is also $27 on Sephora., which I think is a huge bargain! Look at the swatches on arm and how amazing the color and the highlight is! I'm in love. ♥ I think it's fair to say I have a pretty good impression of this product and will definitely be one of my favs for a long time. 

Sephora's How To Use Description: 

  • For a low impact, natural-looking result: 
  • -Highlight: Apply the highlighter to the center of the lips. 
  • -Color: Apply the lip color to your lips over the highlighter and extend to the outer corners. 
  • For a high impact, more intense result: 
  • -Color: Apply the lip color to your lips. 
  • -Highlight: Apply the highlighter to the center of the lips, over the lip color. 

-Tip: For a fuller, plumper pout, apply a matching Aqua Lip shade and extend the liner just outside of the natural lip line. Fill in.

"The most important thing about sculpting is light. A touch of light is the key element when contouring & sculpting."—Dany Sanz, Make Up For Ever Founder and Creative Director 


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