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Thursday, March 10, 2016

HUGE L’Oréal Paris Infallible Collection Review/Haul

Buckle your seat belts beauty lovers, this is going to be a long review. I was recently bombarded with a bunch of L'Oreal Paris products. They are all from their Infallible Collection. Enough chit chat, lets begin the review!

L'Oreal: Infallible Collection

Colour Riche Monos Eye Shadow:

Each of these eyeshadows are available at Ulta for $5.99, but they're having a buy two-get on free deal. These eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented!! I was so fascinated with how intense they were, especially the bolder colors. This collection consisted of colors that are matte and also shimmer. Almost every color came in a pair of matte and shimmer. The light shades are perfect for everyday look and you can use the deeper colors for smokey eyes or a night out. The L'Oreal Mono Eyeshadows had a creamy, luscious texture. The texture was so velvety that you can easily apply this with your fingers (as long as they're clean) and it'll still come out as good than if you did it with a brush. when I swatched them, they glided on effortlessly and it lasted forever. I am not joking when I say it lasts FOR HOURS!! Saying they are waterproof would be an understatement. If you're going out, and you know you'll be out for a long time I would HIGHLY suggest you consider using these for your night out look because your makeup will look just as good in the end, as it did in the beginning. I think $5.99 for this eyeshadow is a bargain, I would recommend buying at least one to test it out for yourself. 

Without Flash
Starting from the left column going down, the shades are:
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Meet Me In Paris
  • Sunset Seine
  • Quartz Fume
  • Teal Couture 
  • Violet Beaute
  • Grand Bleu
  • Noir C'est Noir

On the right column going down, the shadows are:
  • Petite Perle
  • Mademoiselle Pink
  • Little Beige Dress
  • Pain Au Chocolate
  • Argentic
  • Green Pomade

Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss

The next products of the collection are my absolute favorite. They are the Pro-Matte Gloss and they are $9.99 at Ulta. Same as the mono eye shadows, they are buy two get on free. These lip glosses smelled soOoOoo delicious. They had like a candy smell, it made it so hard not to lick these off my lips. They also came in a skinny hourglass shape. Honestly, L'Oreal really hit the ball out the park with these glosses. It's hard not to love their products, especially since they're drugstore products so prices aren't an issue. 

These shades are (in no order): 

When I wore these glosses, I noticed that they could be dupes for a lot of products such as Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks and Tarte's Creamy Matte Lip Paints. Specifically, L'Oreal's Fuchsia Amnesia ($10) can be used to replace Tarte's Matte Lip Paints in Adorbs ($20)or Jeffree Stars' Prom Night ($18). These were lightweight weight and sat on well on my lips, so they weren't uncomfortable like other matte glosses. Considering matte glosses from other brands, $10 is a good value for these. It comes in ten shades, but I only have five and I think these swatches can give you an idea of how the shades look. With the other shades you can find more dupes with L'Oreal's Pro-Matte Glosses. The tip of the gloss was like a teardrop so you can get the inner corners of your lips very well and line your lips with it. The pointy tip can also make it easier to do ombre lips if you choose. 

From left to right the shades are: Fuchsia Amnesia, Shanghai Scarlet, Rebel Rose, Forbidden Kiss and Rouge Envy. 

This brow kit is not available at Ulta so the link leads you to the products on L'Oreal's site. It is $14.99. The Brow Pro Kit was small, so it's perfect for traveling or people who are on-the-go. The left side is a cream/wax and the right side is a powder. It also comes with teeny tweezers, a double ended brush with a smudge brush at one end and a spoolie at the other. The pigmentation wasn't too good, I'd say if your brows need a touch up, then I would recommend it. I would say $15 is too much for a small products, but since it comes with everything you need I would say it's definitely worth it. Also because some eye pencils cost more than this and come with less. It only comes in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark. If you're looking to save money or are always on the go I would suggest considering this product.

Since these two products are both eyeliners I'm going to combine their review. The first one is the Matte-Matic Liner. It is $8.99 at Ulta. It comes in 4 colors, Navy Matte, Taupe Grey, Ultra Black and Deep Brown. It also comes with a built in sharpener that almost went unnoticed. The colors aren't really intense so if you're going for a natural or a daily look, this would be a great money saver for you. It had a very fine point so you can really get in between your lashes but your liner will come out this. Let me tell you something about these little suckers; they do not come off. I mean, they really DON"T COME OFF! I swatched these on my hand and did the dishes, took a shower and nothing!  After all the wear and tear, at the end of the day it finally faded away. They are beyond smudge-resistant. I guess you could say that's a pro and a con, depending on how long you want it to last. For work, school, clubs, wedding, anything where you want you makeup to last, this is your go-to The only problem with is, is as I mentioned before, it fades away by the end of the day and it's difficult to remove. 

 The Infallible Black Velvet Eyeliner is for people who really love a thick, Egyptian/Cleopatra type eyeliner. It is $9.99 at Ulta. From the swatches it is the last one and you can tell it is thicker and bolder than the others. The Black Velvet Eyeliner had the opposite issues than the Matte-Matic Liner.It did smudge fast, but only if you did not let it fully set and dry up. I've heard people complaining saying it smudged fast, but I noticed the people who said that did not wait until it dried. It is not waterproof unlike the other indestructible eyeliners. The tip is a velvet cushion so it's not going to be too rough on your eyes and in one stroke you'll have a thick liner. It glided on smoothly. If you wear false lashes, you can use this eyeliner to cover up the glue and the space between your lashes and liner.  For a liner that was very intense and rich, it was easy to remove. You can easily slay a winged eyeliner with this.

Infallible Pro Contour Palette

The Pro Contour Palette comes with a very sad story. When it came in the mail one of them was....*tear* *tear* broken. This isn't the first time though this has happened, my post office is always so careless with my packages no matter how well they are wrapped. Anyways, this is $12.99 and it comes with a contour and highlight shade, as well as a brush. it comes in three shades: light, medium and deep. The pigmentation wasn't too good, I don't think you can fully highlight and contour with it. You can use it as a touch up though or set your makeup with it. Since you can set your makeup with it, it's good for people oily skin. That is it's only con, it's not really effective. The most you can do with it is enhance your makeup. Despite how it looks, it does have a light shimmer to it. It has face charts on it so you know where to apply it, in case you don't know. It is good for day to day makeup or if you're on the go.

Voluminous Superstar Mascara

Hold onto your hats, I saved the best product for last. It's LÓreal's Superstar Mascara. The price for it is $10.99. It is double ended, one side is the fibers you can use to add more to your lashes and the other end is the mascara itself. For unfortunate souls like me who have light and short eyelashes, the fibers will work wonders for you. You can then cover up the fibers with the mascara. The fibers are optional, the mascara itself is still amazing but if you need a little boost I would recommend using it.  It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the mascara wand has a little curve to it so you can curl your lashes and add volume. The fiber brush has a small hourglass figure, which helps with lengths. Both brushes were shaped well for volume and length. I was afraid if it would give me spider legs for lashes, but the brushes it a fantastic job separating them. These are a great replacement for false lashes. You can create false lashes with your own eyelashes. Unlike other fiber mascaras, this did not flake or smudge for me. The mascara was incredible at holding all the fibers and evening them out. It was easy and gentle to remove, there wasn't a hassle there. You could definitely dupe some mascaras with this one, such as the Too Faced Better Than Sex. I don't think the pictures I attached do it justice, I'm probably going to upload more pictures on my Instagram (@BeautyByBettys) and Twitter (@BeautyByBetty).

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