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Thursday, March 24, 2016

IT Cosmetics Top 5 Products Review

Everyone needs a little pick me up from time to time. Yes makeup can help you look good, but does it really make you feel good? Today's review will be about IT Cosmetics. One of the biggest impressions I got from IT Cosmetics was how their products represent loving yourself. The Co-Founder of IT Cosmetic, Jamie, is so involved in her work and shows off her products with such pride, that you don't see anywhere else. She shows herself with and without makeup and loves both parts of herself, and sends that message through her products. Jamie takes her time showing her customers how to use the products, the science behind it and makes sure you feel confident, with or without makeup. I love what IT Cosmetics stands for as a company and its incredible to see them spread such positivity. With that being said, let's start the review! 

IT Cosmetics: Top 5 Products

1) Your Skin But Better CC Cream
The first product is the Your Skin But Better CC Cream. It is $38 and comes in five shades: fair, light, medium, tan and rich. The texture of this CC Cream was thin and lightweight. It wasn't too thick or creamy. This CC Cream was easy to apply and went on smoothly. It also blended into my skin like it was my own. I understand the name of it now. For a CC Cream it did give full coverage, as in it coverage any blemishes, redness and scarring. While it did cover up any redness on my skin, I would say it gave at least medium coverage, not full. Assuming that you're acne is light to mild, this would be perfect for you.There are other benefits to this CC Cream such as it has SPF 50+ and has non-chemical ingredients. For those with sensitive skin, I don't think you would have any irritation with this. Also, to those with mature skim, it has anti-aging ingredients so it would be a good fit for you.This also worked as a moisturizer for me and hydrated my skin. However, if you oily skin I wouldn't recommend this, since the oil in your skin would make it too greasy and smear. Also if you notice, it does come in a tube, but it is also a pump so there's less of a mess and easy application. Color Correcting seems to be all the rage these days and if you're not familiar with it, but want to get the incredible results everyone else is getting, I would recommend this CC Cream. It is pricey, but there is a travel size for $15.

With Flash
Without Flash

 The Bye Bye Under Concealer is $24 and comes in four shades: Light, medium, tan and deep. I have been seeing this everywhere (along with the CC Cream) and had high hopes for this product. I knew since this product of from It Cosmetics it would not disappoint. And it didn't. It covered beyond the dark circles under my eyes. It covered all of my sleepless night and binge watching Netflix. I have a crease under my eye and it was able to cover it up without settling in it. When I first swatched it, my first impression was how it was thick and creamy it was, and I was afraid it wouldn't blend in well. The creaminess of it helped it glide onto easily to my skin and the thickness of it made it last longer and not wear off. The texture of it is the only con I could find, since it made it difficult to blend. A great way to blend this would be with a damp beauty blender and adding 1 or 2 drops of a facial oil and blending it. $24 is a lot for a concealer but since it does a fantastic job of covering up any dark circles I would say it's well worth your money. It is the first product I put on in the morning, I can't leave without ever since I've tried it. Not only is it good for under eyes, but if you have broken capillaries, blemishes, age spots, redness, or any discoloration and need a a concealer; this is your lifesaver. i would highly recommend splurging on this.

3) Superhero Mascara

This Superhero Mascara is $24 at Ulta. Since the price of it is close the the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the Benefit They're Real Mascara, I expected incredible results; And that's what I got. It gave incredible length and volume. Some people said it did not give volume, but if you start at the base of your lashes and wiggle your way, that should definitely help you get the volume you want. The brush was amazing, although the shape was a normal one, it went great with the formula. The formula was creamy and applied evenly. My lashes were separated and did not clump together. I did not find it difficult to remove, but it did dry out quickly. That wasn't a problem for me, since it doesn't take me too long to put on my mascara, however if you take your time with your mascara it might dry out on you. Overall, this was an incredible mascara with bumps here a there. I think it definitely deserves to be included in the Top Mascara category along with the aforementioned mascaras. 

4) Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
When I saw this product was what's so universal about it? That's when I realized it works on all skin types. You don't have to worry about getting the wrong the shade because the shade depends on how hard you press. Short, light strokes if you have light eyebrows and press a little harder for darker shades. This is one of the main things that made this brow pencil stand out from all the others. Also, you don't have to press too hard to get the darker shades. It didn't tug on my skin or hurt me in anyway. So if you have sensitive eyes or anything like that, you should be fine. You can use this give the illusion you have hair on your eyebrows, even when you don't. There are so many great things to say about this product. It did not smudge, it stayed in place perfectly and didn't smear. This eyebrow pencil glided on so easily, and gave a smoothing, well-blended look. At the end of the day, it lasted very long, the color did not fade and it was hassle-free removal. You do not need a sharpener for this pencil, you can just twist it up for more. The oval tip was a genius idea because it gave a fine thinness that a hair has, and the small natural curve of eyebrows. This made it super easier to draw my brows.

 For a powder, I have a lot to say about this. I am not even joking when I say how magical this product worked at covering up my pores. I could use this product alone on my pores and it could cover them up better than most powders and even primers. The texture of this was very silk and airy. I think that's one of the reasons why it worked so well. It fills in your pores, and evens out your skin without showing. You can also use it to control your shine  and absorb without having to cake it on. Since it was really silky, it made it more difficult for it to settle into creases and it could be easily swept across your skin. Also, the lightness of it made it not give full coverage. It's not supposed to either way, but i thought it was worth mentioning. There was no mess because it had a lip with little holes you won't get a mess everywhere. I personally take those off, but either it was a definite plus. It was really hard to take a photo of its sily texture because right when I applied it on my fnger, it would naturally blend in and disappear. I managed to finally capture a phot and I thik you really tell how airy it looks. Anybody with oily skin, sensitive skin or even acne prome skin should definitely look more into this product because it could be your next holy grail.

6) Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7

Okay so I lied. It's actually six products, but Top 6 Products doesn't sound right so I just rounded it off. Anyways, this brush was better than my whole brush set. I bought mine from Amazon and they were the Shany ones. It was suuuuppper soft and fluffy but still got the job done. You can apply your foundation, concealer and even powder with this. It is $48 (compared to Tom Ford's brushes that's nothing) and I know that's super pricey but you can do your whole makeup with this. Concealer, foundation, powder, blush and even a highlighter. The quality of it is so good, I ended replacing my entire face brush set with this one brush. If your foundation is really important to you, I would suggest in investing in a good brush, such as this one. My makeup application became easier, faster and flawless with this brush. 

"I pour my heart and soul into creating innovative problem solving products that truly give you your most flawless skin ever! Even if you have problem skin like I do, these products will make you look and feel your most beautiful… That’s why I live and breathe." -Jamie Co-Founder of IT Cosmetics

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