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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pur Cosmetics: New Highlighting Products + Help Fight World Hunger

Hey everyone! So sorry I've been MIA, I have been super duper busy with so many things, especially with finals week and essays and all that mumbo jumbo. But I'm back with another review and with a cause. There are so many things that I love about PUR Cosmetics and they keep adding to the list. Pur Cosmetics has teamed up with Action Against Hunger and a portion of your purchase goes to helping hunger around the world. It's part of their Give Back. Glow Foward campaign and I think it's so incredible and generous of PUR Cosmetics to help those less fortunate. One of the millions of reasons to love them!

PUR Cosmetics 

 The Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara is the mascara you dream about. Its formula is creamy and grips on perfectly to your lashes. It honestly really did feel like the mascara was magnetic to my lashes. The wand of it was pretty long, but I prefer that over shorter ones. i think it compares with the Too Faced Better Than Sex because, even though it's only a dollar cheaper, the results I got where way better. If you look through my instagram, you can compare the two yourself, there is a difference. The picture below shows what only ONE coat looks like! It made my lashes look like falsies, and I didn't even need a second coat. I think the best way to use this, is to start at the base and wiggle your way upp to get the maximum length and thicknes.  
I think the results speak for themselves

Glow Together Jumbo Bronzer $34

Pur Cosmetics is not kidding around when they mean JUMBO bronzer. I'm going to be honest with you guys, I never really liked bronzers, but this one was too good not to like. One, it's GOR-GEOUS! I mean look at it! 

Not only is it fun to look at, it's also comes in gradient shades that are half shimmer and half  matte. It feels soooo soft and the pigmentation is flawless. Since there are so many shades, this bronzer will go well with sny skin tone. It's texture is very light and there isn't any fall out with it. I know for some people $34 may be too much for a bronzer, but I feel like since you're getting so much use out of it and that you're money is for a good cause, it is well worth it. 

The picture shows swatches of one matte shade and one shimmer. How can you not drool at that?

Try not to fall over your chairs when you see the next product. Forget all of the highlighters or strobing palettes you know and pay attention to these. The Pur Cosmetics Strobing palettes have shades for all skin tones and undertones. If you're on the light-skinned side, the moon palette would best suit you and if you're on the darker side, the sun-kissed palette would work best for you. They have a light shade, pink shade and a tan shade that all look beautifully seperate or together. I like to mix the pink shaded one with the yellow shaded one for a nice bright highlighted effect with a hint of pink. They have a velvety, dewy texture which I luuuhved. 
Swatches from the Sun Kissed

Swatches from the Moon Light

Honestly these palettes are something I'd want to bathe myself in. They are perfect for everyday or any occassion and I think Pur Cosmetics has outdone themselves. 

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